Pre-Nursery Orientation day

Breakfast today. Baked chicken thighs wrap in bacon n romaine leaves.

Super moody boy today.

On the day he was suppose to wake up and go to school, he refuse to open his eyes and kept rolling in bed.

Refuse to eat his breakfast of oats too!!

Cried n threw tantrum the whole time we got ready to go school.

What luck!! He is placed in Joy classroom which is actually his name sake!! Isaac means joy that's y I chose his name.

Hehe. Bought 2 sets of uniform and 2 sets of PJ.

Had a mini orientation.

Most important was letting the teacher knows of his allergy.

Saw the food menu and he is unable to eat most of the food served at the school. So the maid has to cook his meal everyday. 😳😳😳

Getting him used to school by letting him play with all the slides and swings etc.

Smallest in the class.

So skinny!!! Also very timid vs the other boys there.

All the boys saw car n rush n play. He just stood behind and ask me whether he can play with it.

Dinner was leftover lamb chop, persimmon salad and piece of braised Fatty pork tarpaued from imperial treasure Peking duck from dinner on Thursday

Had lunch with my ex colleague and met up properly with her daughter!! So cute ah and smiley and chatty.

Kidnapped her. Totally forgot about my son. 😻😻😻

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