Good morning. Breakfast today of smoked salmon, egg and romaine lettuce.

what happen to the medical head?

I'm sure it is on every of my team mates mind. Was it because of our very direct and to the point 360 feedback??

Almost everyone gave a low to average rating with comments of her taking credit for her teams effort and being biased and unfair.

Well going to find out soon!

We still don't know why she was fired @delight @cikumuffin

But she left in the similar manner in her previous company!!

Basically she was fired la

@jennylau so happening. Last min had to take over her slot in a conference. So it's not she resign. She was let go. Dum dum dum!!

I'm very shocked la. First time come across situation like this.

Dinner tonight.

Orange seared Asian style scallops with mix raw salad.

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