Husband brought out Isaac for a walk and ask him to work for his biscuits.

Woke up to so many nice comments on "money no enough"

I guess a lot of us feel the same way.

Reminder that we all do what we can.

That's y I love the dayre community. So supportive! 😍

Busy day today.

Manage to check dayre now only whilst pumping.

Let this session pump to be a fruitful and abundant extraction.

#30mls or more please.


As a thanksgiving to my team mates, I brought lunch for them today.

On the right is my GM. She came out from her room cos apparently food smelled good. Gave her some. Hope she likes it.

Yum yum everyone digging in

From left to right:

Shrimp pad Thai. Comments were the prawns very big n QQ. I say big n qq prawns to eat, then only shiok ma.

Cocoa pork ribs. General comments was that it was nicer than the cold storage ribs. Lols. Posted the recipe for this too previously

Rosemary lemon roast chicken. Crowd pleaser. I like to eat this too. Easy to make n very tasty.

OMG!!! My medical director resigned with effect suddenly.

I wonder what happen!!!

I guess karma came and right the wrong things.

Dinner tonight. A simple grilled grass fed rib eye steak and stream broccoli.

Steak light seasoned with salt and pepper n straight away goes on the grill to sizzle.

@shalinho practicing his cheesy songs in preparation for the season holidays to impress Sophie.

@delight Nate's got to catch up real soon if he wants a fighting chance with her!!

@jennyyong can join you for a karaoke session for the holiday cheer!!!

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