Wooo where are we going??

Road trip to seremban.

Going down to see grandma!!

This boy pretend cute!!

Eat lo shi fun mouth so dirty.

Trying to get away with it.

Please la dad @serhonp stop stealing my thunder!

#dirtymouth #blacksauce

Erghhh dad is milking it!

Better learn from the best

Is it like this??? Practice makes perfect!!

Pout pout, work it.


So cute please. Dad move aside.

Act nonchalant for maximum effect.


Wah. This isaac has been napping for 3 hours from 2.30-5.30pm.

Just now refuse to sleep keep talking and singing.

Now don't wanna get up.


See la. Disturb him still don't wanna wake up.

Must be tired from all the pouting during lunch.

Isaac is a bit under the weather after his nap.

Maybe that's y he slept so long. Feverish now and running nose. His hands all cold cold. So wore a sweater for him.

Then just before sleeping he told me he stomach ache!! And then gave us the weak look with eyes rolling.

OMG so scary. Hope is he ok tomorrow.

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