Looking just a bit tired.

Poor guy was whimpering all night long. Hasn't pooped in 2 days too. Must be very tired from all the traveling.

We are going to eat bakuteh. Hope you cheer up soon.

Well he didn't take one bite of his favorite Bakuteh.

Went back to my moms place, he asked to play bubbles and was abit more lively.

Gave paracetamol and fever came down a little.

Then accepted persimmons and corn. Finally ate something for the whole day.

Having tea now at …..
@cikumuffin take a wild guess.

My cold drip coffee came in a beaker. *correction by @calistallicious its a volumetric flask*

Like chemistry class. But surprisingly it's the most smooth coffee I've tasted.

Love it.

6.55pm and isaac is asleep

Went to bedroom at 6.50pm. He latch on for a bit, close eyes and knocked off.

I'm so glad I am continuing to Breast feed. It's really easy to comfort him with them boobies. Hasn't eaten the whole day or drank water.

No appetite? Here have some boob.

Puke, diarrhea whole day? Here, have some boob to rehydrate.

Fell down and can't stop crying? Here have some boob!!

Bored out of your mind? Here have some boob!

Long journey on bus and can't sleep? Here have some boob!

Always the answer.

Rainy day take away. Tandoori chicken!!!! Super juicy

Actually, everyone went out for dinner but I stayed back to keep an eye on Isaac.

Onion naan.


Love it.

Husband decided to treat me for pre birthday.

Jamaican mocha almond fudge and chocolate cookie crackle.

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