31st Birthday recap

Came back to Singapore last night and suddenly the @serhonp husband pulled out an ice cream cake.

Surprise! And happy birthday.

Ahha I was surprised. He got the maid to buy the cake from Udders n store it in the freezer whilst we were away in KL

Then we made isaac sing happy birthday to me. Hehe

Continuation of song.

Notice what isaac say about "fire" 🔥🔥🔥

Excuse the no sleep face.

Then @serhonp took me to a neighbourhood japanese restaurant for dinner.

This mini set is huge! Worth the money.

Salmon carpaccio, fresh sashimi, tempura prawns, soft shell crab and brinjal, grilled meats n sweet potato, aburi sushi and salmon miso soup with loads of mushroom n vegetables inside.

What a wet morning!!

Whipped out my super old melissa shoes. It's gotten more tight. My toes are dying but at least my feet are relatively dry. Hehe.

Mandatory tired face post with my 2014 cake!

Aiyo sequence of post all jumbled up. Nvm la!


Suddenly the Christmas tree is up and I see isaac crawling slowly towards it.

Like crawling to Jerusalem and asking to be saved. (Might be saying wrong things here but my theology is nonexistent)


Sesame chicken and simple salad.


6 hours later, Christmas tree is nowhere to be seen.

Isaac blissfully playing with his toy car.

Today's yield in office.

After nearly 29 months of breastfeeding. 2oz of liquid gold.

#goodenough #gotmilk

Dinner today. Broiled salmon with olive, cherry tomatoes and capers.

French beans sautéed topped with olives and capers.

Ahhh… Our sad Christmas tree is up thanks to the maid.

2 presents under the tree which happens to be isaacs gift from grandma @maryannsee and ahyi @ashleysmq

Feels abit more festive now.

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