Impromptu New Year Eve dinner of Angus Beef Roast

Good morning everyone!

I took half day off today, so essentially its a full day off!!

Had my cup of black joes with my bacon quiche (the last of it) and just chilling with isaac

Playing with his chugginton train set.

Been playing with it since he open it on Xmas morning.

Had an enjoyable cuppa and lunch with my fav person in the whole wide world @serhonp

And I had an enjoyable time paktoing with him.

Made him try on clothes to look like a Taiwanese super star.

But the "air" is not there. He can't pull of the look.


It's ok. I'll stick to my boring working clothes husband.

Ooh and I found my CFM shoes!

Got CFM or not?

So sexy.

Best part is it's less than sgd60 (ok la it's 59.90) but looks exp can?

*shiok sendiri*

But I was looking for this shoe high and low. Went to 4 Zara outlets already and either no size or all sold out.

So tried my luck again and tada!!! Got it!

Love it la. 😍😍

So for new year eve, decided to make roast!

At 4pm, a friend impromptu msg me and ask me out for steamboat dinner at hai di lo, but I told her I'm already making roast.

So I invited her over then for dinner at my place.

I cook and she just eat la!


2.2kg of angus rib eye.

Marinated as per @mummytong recipe.

It's roasting in the oven now!!

Another angle cos I think it looks sexy la.

Cross fingers it's ok!!

I've roasted it for 25 mins at 240/250 degrees C already.

Now roasting at 150/160 degrees. Putting the timer at 50 mins first to see how it goes.

Took it out at 60 degrees and put it to rest.

Now it's slowly climbing up the heat!!

Ok maybe not too raw because friends husbands from China!!! 😳😳 @teeheehee

Made a simple salad with balsamic vinegarate. Top with pine nuts.

Rosemary infused beef gravy. Haha.

My Yorkshire pudding. Not as pretty as @tasteofmalaysia ones but it will do.

Sliced up roast beef.

@mummytong I think it's a success!!! 😘😘😘

My portion!!

Have a good end of 2014 everyone.

Looking forward to an exciting and prosperous year ahead.

Breakfast! Same as yesterday. Bacon & cherry tomato quiche with avocado

These are so cute!!!

Template to make a badge for isaac!!

Anyone knows a good place where they know how to do badges?

I've called his allergist clinic to arrange for an epi-pen pick up and also a anaphylaxis plan print out!!

Forgotten how expensive it was the cost of an epi-pen!

It's sgd198. Luckily this round expiry is longer at April 2016.

Failed sugar detox – day 2.

Caramel milkshake.

Yesterday had macarons.

Oh dear lord. So good the milk shake. Taste like pecan walnut Sara Lee ice cream.

The last time I had that was 15 years ago or more?? Brings back memories.

Since we are going all out, here is my lobster mac & cheese.

Heh heh. Fake tai tai much?

Ok dam disappointed with the lobster mac n cheese. Lobster overcooked and not fresh obviously.

Gonna go look for stuff and places to make the badge.

N go home. N nuaaa!!

Half day today!!

I've asked evergreen the stationary shop in novena and they don't do badges.

I think I saw in united square the other day. Later I go see evening time.

Now wanna cut hair!

Oh my heart goes out to the air Asia flight.

Based on the bbc tweets, bodies have already been spotted n brought onto ships.

Ok hair trimmed.

Still look sleepy. Haha.

Oohh isaac level up. Can climb the pony up himself and rock it.


Anddddd the last of be turkeys!!!


And sides of butternut squash soup!!

First exercise in 2 months!

Good morning!!

Bacon and cherry tomato quiche with half an avocado.

Reminder to avoid sugar all day!

And to go to the gym after work.

Just start slow Joanne, what with your wonky ankles and all.

Cycling or elliptical machine will do. 30-45mins.

Mid air leapt!!

Wohooo!! Caught him dancing again.


Pumping now and really, like no more juice. Haha. Just no more letdown reflex.

Most pathetic yield so far. @delight we r in this together. Lols!

I think the twins are affected by the rain this morning, it being wet n gloomy. And not enough sleep. And it's just Monday la.

Simple salad of smoked salmon and half an avocado for lunch.

Is there a jet practice happening now?

Open the cctv and can hear loud sound coming out like a jet plane passing through.

Naughty boy playing with the glass table.

Hrmm. I think better buy him some coloring books and practice writing books. Hehe.



Salad dinner tonight!!

Mesclun greens topped with turkey breast (yeay, more leftovers!), pine nuts and stuffings.

Dressed with cranberry sauce and balsamic vinegerate

I went to the gym!

Woooohoo. I didn't lift weights but I did 35 mins on the elliptical machine. Tried to maintain at 120 srpm on level 8.

Came back ankle looked like it was bigger and swollen but no pain.

Reminder to call dr Chiang for extra epi-pen prescription and action plan for anaphylaxis for his nursery next year!!

Woohoo going go sleep now.

Also, took out my angus beef rib eye to defrost in preparation for some roast!!!

Can't wait.

Zara shopping!

Back at our fav thai place again

Having pork boat noodles. Tasted quite good but I expected more "dirty" stuff in it like pork cracking, blood and organs. Oh well.

Tried different soft shell crab. This is the tamarind style fried soft shell crab.

Still love the one cooked in yellow curry.

Pandan chicken. Nothing to shout about.

And crab omelette.

Aiyah today everything we ordered so disappointing. Pftttt.

Will stick to yellow curry n tomyam soup

Back at his fav chicken rice shop!

Dinner for him on weekends is either teriyaki chicken rice or Hainanese chicken rice from wee nam kee.

These series of pic is me telling him to pose and scoop ur rice. Show me how it's done?

Can hear him saying "I cannot brain this- booosh"?

Went post Xmas sale shopping and the whole Puah family went crazy at Zara.

My loot! Bucket bag, accessories, work shirt, skirt and a dress. Yes my colours are boring.

I think subconsciously chose these colours cos I'm frumpy now, so need to cover up.

Isaacs loot.

Looks like an adult mans clothes right??? Bahaha.

He hasn't got grey slacks, so got two. And they are in size 12-18months old toddlers. He is 30months old in age actually but he so small size.

Oh and he specifically told us the t-shirt top row, second to the right is "must buy, must buy this one!"

"I want to wear this now, change change" when we were in Zara.

Because he likes blue, n this blue with the wording quite bright blue la so attracted to it.

And daddy @serhonp has 2 sad white work shirts. Actually no need to show la. So boring. Just like his any work clothes haha

Back at our neighbourhood cafe. Ordered the pork chops and latte.

So good.

And desserts. Because I want. With another cup of coffee.

Might attempt to wrangle the Xmas tree later to keep it.

Or not.

But I wanted to use the sticker. Haha.

It's a "not going to cook" weekend!!!

Time to veg out and calm the eff down and reflect.

In the coming days, I've got to plan out my meals.

And my work outs. Ever since my ankle injury, I've not been working out and paying the price for it.

My diet has been shot, and I've been eating rubbish.

As a result, I feel quite rubbish body wise and mentally.

I've to admit, dairy and sweets makes me behave very very badly. I get bad thoughts. I get moody, depress and very anxious.

My fingers feel trembly, my soles and palms are sweating more excessively.

I think I better overhaul

And the best part is, I don't have the energy to do anything.

And I keep craving for more and more sweet stuff. Cakes, chocolates, cookies, the works!

It's bad la. 1-2 piece is ok. But I constantly want to eat them.

The damage is… 4kg in 2 months.

Yup. Very very fast deterioration. Whilst it took me 10 months of clean eating to lose 2kg. So back to negative.

But it's ok. I know I can change it.

We are at @serhonp colleague and friends kids 1st bday party.

So attracted to the cakes. They look so pretty!!!

I resisted the pretty cake!!! Didn't have any of the cupcakes. And ONLY a mouthful of the cake.

Quite proud of myself. Heh.

Oh dear god, my son, isaac ask me to take a selfie with the birthday girl.

How like that. He so clever to pose sumore!!

Mei Mei has got some posing catching up to do.

He was still trying to work it, but birthday girl was getting bored.

Haha and she couldn't resist.

She kept wanting to go n touch his face n want to muaks him.

We better not encourage our son Hor @serhonp later bday parents come kill us first.

Came back home and this fella went abit psycho.

First time I see him climb into his toy box!!

I asked him what he was digging for and he couldn't tell me.

Took a few of the soft toy n let him play with it. He kept hugging scout the green soft toy.

Anddddd more leftovers for dinner.

OMG just now.

When I was trying to put isaac to sleep, he suddenly said

"Mummy, I cannot brain this"
Followed by "boosh" (imitating an explosion sound)

Fml!!! We said this the other day maybe almost a week ago when me n @serhonp were talking about someone.

N he picked it up..

And remembered how to said it. With the sound effect of brain explosion.

My son is a sponge.

"Mummy, I cannot brain this."


Here's the turkey about 1.5 hours later.

Took it out to baste with butter

Stab the meat thermometer for double insurance making sure it was cooked.

Thick slab of butter over turkey to baste. Let it slowly melt whilst rubbing the butter over the hot turkey.

After 15 mins back into the oven to brown it, then it was time to glazed with honey cranberry glazed. Just brush it over the turkey.

And tada!!! All done.

Let it rest till dinner time!

Whilst the turkey was baking, made some cranberry sauce.

Fresh cranberries!!!! None of the can stuff (actually, because cold storage n fair price sold out my usual can cranberry so had to improvise!)

So into the put goes the cranberry fruits, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, raisins and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Continue letting it boil… Till it becomes jam like?

I asked @serhonp to help with the taste. So tired already me cos I had to do Yorkshire pudding next!

Next, get ready the batter for Yorkshire pudding.

Shift flour, 2 eggs, full fat milk into a bowl n beat the hell out of it.

Add some salt.

Keep beating to incorporate as much air as possible to pudding can be ping pong.

Then refrigerate for 2-3 hrs until needed.

When it's time to go, pour oil into the muffin pan, heat it up in the oven till smoky.

Then quickly pour in the batter in the hot oil wells!!!

Faster chuck it in the oven and watch these fuckers rise!!

It will looks like these when done.

The Yorkshire pudding will have its own well where u can pour loads of gravy on it.

Next, turkey gravy!!!!

Pour out the juice from the roasted turkey into a pot.

Put in bay leaves, peppercorns, parsley sprig and beef stock (home made).

And let it boil until reduce. Bout an hr.

After that sieve, salt to taste and pour in cream and flour to thicken.

And after all that tada. The spread.

Doesn't look like much because queen n princess said no need greens.

Trying to look happy carving.

But erm Ya. U guys know la…

Thank god not dry!!!! Got taste too!

Ok happy for myself.

First round portion.


Gravy filled up in the well of the Yorkshire pudding. Cranberry sauce at the side.

Ended the night at Udders united square there for ice cream.

So freaking tired after that I had no time to think. Headache too. Woke up late today.

Count my blessings

I was thankful I had my husband to clean up after me whilst I cook.

Maid was off on that day. In between taking care of isaac, he will helped look after the cooking.

@serhonp this is all done after he had to work in the morning at ICU with a record of 8 new admissions and very critical patients where 4 died.

Queen and Princess just sat there never asking if I need help or helped with isaac.

Go figure la why they r my "fav" ppl in the whole wide world.

After dinner thank god they did

The dishes.


No word of thanks for the cooking.

Or that it was nice the food.

Or thanks for the effort.

EFFING hell I'm ur slave ah?????

Nvm. No more for next year.

But I always say this. N come next year I will give in again n torture myself.

Ok end of rant.

Late lunch of #leftoverlunch

Sliced leg of lamb with its sauce.

Whilst pumping just now #stalkermomseries

So cute lugging his Mickey Mouse soft toy everywhere. It is as big as him.

Leftover dinner today of the turkey.

Actually husband suggested me n him go out to eat but just not in the mood.

Also to shop but ergh..not in this foul weather (and mood) and jostling with ppl.

Nope, just wanna stay home.

Merry Xmas everyone!!!

Omg everybody!!! It's Xmas!!!

The presents is all mineeee!!!!

Opened one present and it was a train set from one of @serhonp cousin.

And isaac refused to open any presents after that. He said enough. No need to open.

He was happy with that one and only present he open.

So folks, don't need to buy present for him. Maybe just share 1(one) only. Everyone chip in to buy something blue and with wheels.

And he will be the happiest kid ever (ok, maybe like a few days)

Mesmerized by the train.

Played with if quite a while.

Fed him his oats and still continue playing the train.

Made turkey stuffing in the morning.

Once grandma took isaac for his morning bath, mummy got busy in the kitchen.

Chopped the green apple and onions.

Threw into this frying pan a hugeeee knob of butter. Let it melt.

Next sautΓ© the onions and liver (I used the liver that came with the turkey instead of chicken liver)

Then glazed with glug of red wine and let it cool down.

In a bowl, throw in chopped apples, onions and 200gm mince pork, 100gm mince chicken and 2 pieces of bread toasted to hardness (hehe) and made into crumbs.

Threw in mixed herbs, ground black pepper, fresh tarragon, salt and italian seasoning. Then added in the cooled cooked chicken liver.

Smelled dam nice already at this point.

Lined the roasting tray with chopped leek and carrots plus the turkey neck and giblets.

Seasoned with black pepper and throw in fresh tarragon for good measure.

Oh wow. Just finish turkey and all its trimmings!

This was the turkey at 2pm.

Ready to get into the oven.

@serhonp helped me tie the legs together with his "suturing" skills!!! Just right after stuffing it.

Finishing off the last of the vanilla banana n'oatmeals with fresh blueberries

Good morning!!

Oh more gifts when I arrived in the office!

Weheeee a colleague bought ice cream for everyone in office.

Eat ice cream for mid morning snack. Cos it's Xmas eve.

Fat die me.

Another colleague went around giving Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Of course I had to eat it!!

Going to crash and burn later

I'm having sugar high now.

Gonna regret it at 3-4pm.

And with that, I'm off office work.

Housewife duty starts now!

Our secret Santa gift exchange at work!


Our team now.

Finally a thorn amongst the roses.

In the end we all knew who our secret Santa was.

It was very sweet exchange.

This 2.7kg leg of lamb went into the oven.

Thermometer for insurance, but it's confusing the hell out of me.

So stuck to instincts n go with my feel. Ahhaa.

Reminder to take shots of the done leg.

While the lamb was in the oven, I was doing unspeakable things to this bird here.

First, you moisturize the 5.5kg bird with cream.

And slide French tarragon leaves under the Breast side skin.

How? I got look like domestic goddes?

Then rub the whole bird with mustard and Lea & Perrin sauce.

Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper after all that.

Just continue rubbing it in.

And rubbing.

And do u speakable things to it. This one @serhonp ask me to pose one.

Ok reach destination di!! Update later!

Sneaked a picture of my roast lamb.

Looks sexy.

Carve, carve, carve…

Home made mint sauce and brown gravy from the drippings.

Another small gift at the office.

Feeling the love πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

Must count all my blessings.

Last night, @serhonp brought me out for dinner cos I was getting angsty already.

Went to a German beerhaus at united square. I had beef stroganoff and hub had German pork knuckle half portion.

Both our meals were yums!! N tasted very homemade. Definitely will be going there again!

Then went cold storage grocery shopping again to prepare for the Xmas dinner.

I'm feeling abit sick now. I think all the running around is making me feel sick.

Had a cleansing breakfast. Haha.

Overnight no-oats chia seed oatmeal with fresh blueberries.

Lunch is bento set again!!

Chicken karage and fried mackerel. Yums affordable


Another small gift!!! So blessed!!! So loved!! 😻😻

Better hide the presents because I'm the only one who got them!! 😳😳😳




A dose of happiness before I get back. Just taking time for myself before I face…. I face….. Erm ppl

Hehe. Nice me time.

Dinner today.

Yes, comfort roast chicken. Omg already gonna have roasted turkey for Xmas.

Ah well!

Ok marinated the leg of lamb and in to the fridge it goes.

Raw turkey making a sneak appearance at the bottom.

For this festive season, I wish for no negativity.

Thank you.

Received a nice Xmas gift from our secretary.

She didn't have to, but it was nice.

Continuing with my mee sua cravings.

Bought these Taiwanese snack stall at sq 2 for lunch

Their oyster mee sua not bad la the sour plum sweet potato fries is super yummy!!!! Ok now I know where to go for my cheenaaa fix!

Shit. Receive this msg from my SIL

So looks like I'm making turkey regardless.

I wonder what @serhonp has been telling the in laws!!!

Bought my meat thermometer from Phoon Huat!!

Wohooo. So can roast my 2kg rib eye one of this days.

Just roast the dam turkey la!

You know what, in spite of me not wanting to make an effort this Xmas, I think I will just roast it la.

I know @serhonp will appreciate it.

I'm reluctant because in laws R not my favorite ppl. Imagine slaving the whole day/week before preparing the ingredients, taking leave to buy the spices herbs etc and actually cooking and roasting n all they comment is salty and all that shit, I really DID NOT want to cook this year.

But… F that shit la. Just do it for the husband.

Daddy, our hero!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Guess what, just as we were gonna walk out for lunch, we found an unconscious man by the side of the street.

@serhonp daddy saving the day

2 nurses/ assistant nurses were called by passerby from the hospital to assist the man.

We waited and waited for 30 mins already and still no sign of the ambulance.

After an assessment by @serhonp, patient was determined to be conscious, although he was complaining of severe headache and started gagging and vomiting.

After another 15 mins, still no sign of ambulance, so me and isaac went off first. Getting too hot for Isaac!!

After all that drama, finally had time for lunch.

My mocha with Swan milk art

My waffles and chicken. Looks ok, but the taste is really yummy!!

Neighbourhood coffee place wins!!!

No need go far far to orchard n the rest of the world already.

Since @serhonp worked hard just now, ordered desserts which tasted like Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton together! Haha

It's called monkeys and piggies *ok la can't remember*

But it's toast with banana, Nutella, peanut butter n chocolate syrup topped with bacon!!

So yummeh!!!!

Back home now for some peace and quiet.

How nice to take a nap like this mini old man here.


Dinner tonight.

Was very happy with the amount of food he ate for dinner.

He finished 1 whole bowl of teriyaki chicken don, left maybe 4-5 spoon of rice. The chicken meat he ate about half of it. The rest of the meat mummy eat.

Breakfast today.

Fried egg, spinach, avocado and leftover pork tenderloin

Couldn't resist.

Cappuccino Franco from Krispy Kreme.

Every morning otw to work I pass by it. I JUST HAD TOOOOOO!!

So for the Xmas week, I'm thinking of what to cook.

The in laws will be down, so I don't wanna put in much effort hehe πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

I've got:
2kg of angus rib eye
2kg of bone in leg of lamb
5.5kg of turkey

All sitting in the freezer now.

I guess have to roast the lamb as @serhonp has promised his cousins we r gonna bring that over for Xmas eve BBQ party. So that's settled of 24 December.

What about the turkey n the ribeye?

Oh gonna go buy me a Meat thermometer first from Phoon Huat.

Sad lunch is sad.

No veg.


Snacking and reading at the same time!!

Worse ever boobie performance!!!


Xmas party with company!!

White wine to start.

Us girls at the dinner!

Door gift at the company dinner.

Taka voucher and atas chocolate.

Share with you guys la. Can't have too much!!

So last night Isaac got up anyway to latch.

In the midst I keep saying "Mummy GUGA SMELLY"

That didnt work!!

So the evening was just a fluke shot. Back to his old ways.

Breakfast today.

Avocado, hard boiled egg and chicken meat.

Too full so tarpau the 2 eggs to work.

Oooh I spy him having some snack. I think he's eating a plum

But what an odd time for snack. Maybe he was hungry n cranky so helper decide to shove some food inside before his lunch time.


After eating, what do u do?

Why, child labour of course. You got to earn your keep!!!

Fine, fine. Teach him responsibility. Stow away your things once your are done with them. To be fair, the chair very light only la.

Just got news my Uni friend preggy with 2nd child.

N then I told her "congrats, I'm sure it's a girl" haha

Base on chinese horoscope those pregnant this yr most likely girl right.

Of cos this is totally hocus pocus la. She's only 6 weeks so can't confirm yet. Wait another 14 weeks.

For lunch, even though I brought my packed food but I was craving mee sua thanks to @mummytong post yesterday!!

Zion road food court pig organ mee sua. Yummy, but nothing like my mothers mee sua!

Can't wait for 5pm!

I have a date with Isaac later.

To United square for his hair cut and dinner!!!!

Maybe I'll eat dinner first because I'm feeling very hungry right now!!

Mee sua not enough!!

@serhonp has his department dinner today hence my bonding time with Isaac.

Let's scoootttt!!!

Cleverly enjoying himself


Guess where we are @serhonp

I'm giving batman a hug. Because I don't wanna cut hair and I'm doing all sorts of thing to avoid going into the hair cut shop.


After haircut.

Handsome la, at least i think so.

And not a single tear was shed.

Secret weapon is hi 5 playing on the console screen.

Handsome selfie before I sleep.

Good night ladies!!!

Mummy’s Guga Smelly

Yesterday dinner forgot to post!!!

Double pork tenderloin. Tenderloin wrapped in bacon and roasted.

My portion last night of the tenderloin sliced. Sides of spinach n leftover beetroot.

Breakfast today is STILL zucchini quiche and bacon.

Wasn't kidding when I said make once n eat over the week

Ahaha got look like sushi ah???

A mouthful of bacon+quiche.

Today is a good day because the smiling grandma is back

Some mornings will bump into her whilst otw to the bus stop. She will smile at everyone and say good morning.

Literally every…single….person.

Yes Isaac, I know you're super bored, you've to lie down on the floor pretending to be a dolphin. Haha



Roasted lemon chicken from few days ago.

We have a secret Santa going on in our office.

So Our budget was sgd20-25.

Walked around today at GWC during lunch and found something cute.

Hope she likes it!!

Gift exchange will be on the 24th December!

Aiyo so naughty this boy!!!

Playing with the puddle of water in the balcony

Weirdest thing happen!

Just now before sleeping, isaac latch on boobs as per his ritual.

Then after latching awhile he said

πŸ‘Ό: mummy guga smelly

πŸ‘©: smelly? Ok smelly then don't guga.

Guga is what he calls my boob and guga also means drinking/latching.

Then the whole night he never wan to latch.

When he was about to fall asleep, his hands started roaming n tried to latch, then I repeated

πŸ‘©: mummy's guga smelly

And with sleepy voice
πŸ‘Ό: guga smelly…..

Then he just hugged his mini bolster n went


So I don't know to be happy or sad.

Happy cos finally my boob has freedommmmm!! No more all night buffet.

I don't know why he found my boobs smelly also.

I took a whiff and nope… Don't smelly anything funky. Same soap, same clothes i usually wear etcetc.

Maybe he became off my milk already.

Maybe finally he is starting to self wean.

So I hope tomorrow will continue to be the same!!!

My boobs will be smelly to him!!

No more sweet smell of mummy! No more boobies!!!


Ok back to business.

Today's dinner is 1.2kg of T-bone steaK lightly seasoned with salt & pepper and just grill the hell out of it.

It's very thick so it took a while for it to become medium rare.

Both of us only manage to finish half of it.

Which only means more leftover! Wohoo.

Sad steam broccoli as sides!

Weheeee still happy about my boobs being called smelly.

Later I'll ask @serhonp to check

End today's post with Isaac singing Humpty Dumpty.

Sorry bout the lopsided video, dunno how come like that.

Notice his hands going up n down like soo intooooo the song.

Toddler Hitting, how to prevent it? Swirly Crustless quiche recipe


Same thing as yesterday. Just added in avocado.

This boy so funny ah

Laughing to himself hysterically coz he was playing with the toy piano and it got jammed and the piano was blaring a note non stop.

He said "aiyooooo, spoil already"

Then laugh hek hek hek hek.

I have a mini old man in the house.


Then the helper repaired it and now he is dancing and singing jingle bells over the tunes. Which is totally mismatched tune!

Lunch with team.

We had lunch at Ramen Champion.

Had a set of gyoza, mini chasu don and mini ramen.

Ok the chasu don so tastless.

But good lunch with RA team. But best of all it's free. Wohoo.


This isaac super funny!! Took the mop/wiper thing.

Procced to crouch infront of the oven

I wonder why??

Because his car was stuck underneath the oven!!!

Of course he couldn't get it la, he was digging for quite sometime.

Until the helper can't tahan. Help him dig it out!


Aiyo! Then I saw him hitting the helper!

He has been hitting her and us on and off when he is frustrated.

He doesn't like something, he will smack us in the face.

Usually I will hold his hand firmly and say I don't like being hit. Must gentle gentle whilst looking him in the eye sternly.

@serhonp usually nags n gets very loud when nagging.

I think I wan to use time outs for him. Like 1-2 minute time out n face the wall.

Trigger this time for isaac to hit the helper when she grab the spaghetti that he was playing with.

She did not store the dry spaghetti so he took it n started playing with it. She saw and let him play and when she decided that he couldn't play, she just grab it and chuck it somewhere.

Of course Isaac started screaming and say he wants to play then she tried to change subject but the fella went n smack smack smack her thighs. Like 4-5 times out of anger.

He not so aggressive with me or hub

Swirly Crustless Quiche.

1 large zucchini, grated
2 large carrots, grated
1 tsp Rosemary-sage Salt
12 eggs, beaten
1 tbsp butter

Preheat oven to 190*C

Strain zucchini & carrots in strainer cloth or make Kopi cloth. Important to squeeze out all the water so the quiche can be "boing boing" texture.

Mix zucchini, carrot, Rosemary-sage salt and eggs in large bowl.

Grease a 9X13 inch baking dish with butter, pour in egg mixture then swirl the mixture with fork in circular manner. (Skip the swirly step also can)

Bake for 45 mins or until the edge of the egg is brown. The quiche will puff up will baking.

Sometimes less than 45mins also cook.

I cut into 12 pieces (like brownie) and eat throughout the week!!!

@hansumboi nah the quiche recipe for u!

Fattening snack.

Cheese melted on crackers. Haha


Tunmy has some piercing pain.

Double whammy of cheese and wheat cracker.

Y do I keep poisoning myself?

Seemed like a good idea when husband have it most night as his snack. But then, my tummy is not like his tummy.

Giving me bad mood as well.

Want to sleep it off

Medela PISA vs Medela Freestyle

Breakfast today. Baked egg and zucchini & carrot swirly quiche.

@serhonp a couple that shits together, stays together.


@maryannsee reading time with Isaac. Grandma leaving today 😭😭😭😭


Super value lunch.

Bento set from Kuriya Japanese Market at only $6.80!

So fast it's middle of December already!!

Looking very lonely there. Mouth busy chewing on a piece of fruit.

Grandma has gone back to KL


Ergh only 50mls today.

One thing I notice, if I use Medela Pump in style advanced, my yield not so good.

When I travel I use Medela Freestyle and the suction and resolution of the pump seems stronger and I get more milk with it.

So by January 4 (when Isaac turns 30 months) I'm gonna retire this PISA. Then will use the freestyle as main pump la. Will plan to pump once a day in office only after that.

Comfort food today. Lemon herb roast chicken.

My portion today.

Eaten with roasted orange beet root and roasted veg from the chicken.

Good morning, rough night Isaac?


Bak chor mee FTW!!

I've always liked this place. It moved once from when we first started eating it.

So sad I have to eat this!!

@cleochong expiring 19 December.

Nvm la. There is always next time!

Too pretty too eat!!


Tea time!

Salted caramel cake with white wine!!

First time having dealcoholized wine!!! 0% alcohol. Hahah.

Laugh die me. 😱😱😱

Good morning!!

Trying to teach isaac how to potty.

First we chose a green potty

Then we chose a blue one!!

At the end of it no pee-pee & poo-poo.

He said the green potty pain-pain and he's scared of it.

He is ok with the blue one.

Ok la. At least now willing to want to sit on the potty.

Having lunch now with my @maryannsee mom.

Tom Yam Kung! With big tiger prawns.

Reordered the Yellow curry soft shell crab.

Love this so much.

Eggplant with mince pork and basil.

So good.

The tiger prawns in the Tom yum kong is big and juicy.

Now waiting for @serhonp to come! Still stuck in the ICU! Food is getting cold!

Coffee time with @serhonp after heavy lunch. Mum @maryannsee went shopping on her own.

Hehe @cleochong don't worry! We made contingency plans so no need paiseh. I eat the banana on ur behalf!

Breakfast today is baked eggs and avocado.

Woke up late and rushed to work!

I think I'm still quite tired. Not as rested. Want to nua during weekends.


Isaac is playing with his train set, pant less. Hehe.

So nice being a kid, walking around half naked and nobody will mind

Dinner with a Uni mate.

Having lobster roll!!

And grilled lobster.

Sharing with husband.

Lunch today! As local as I can get.

Oyster fish and sambal long bean with ice soy milk.

Back at work!!!

Faster take picture of what I bought for the medical team.

Since all girls, add in some vain stuff la (shiseido mask). I don't know if mask is good or not but its not one of the massively cheap type like KOREAN brand. But it's not terrible expensive also la.

And Tokyo banana for everyone too + a new male manager who join our team!

So fast one the expiry date. Tell them faster eat.

So sexy ah this 12 pack of a hunk.

Day 5 Tokyo: Roppongi & back to my little family

Good morning. Having Japanese breakfast for the last day.

first they served the salty tea and oolong tea with water.

I wonder what's this salty tea.

Nice bamboo lined wall.

My breakfast set!!!

So loveeee 😍😍😍

The rice can only be found in Japan. They don't export it out.

So I have to eat it all!! Don't let it go to waste!!! Hahha

I'm going to explore roppongi now.

So full!! Walk the breakfast off.

At Don Quijote Roppongi branch.

So full of stuff.

@serhonp any fetish you would like me to fulfill???

Police women ok?

Hermes anyone?

I found you!! Took me awhile, but I did.

Roppongi Hills is a CBD. Nothing much.

Bought some eyeliner for my sis a the Donki, and that's it.

Can't afford the Donki priced hermes wallet hehe even if it is cheaper.

Morning crowd going to work!

I'm heading home the opposite side.

I like this 2 colour wallet, but they're still so expensive!

And would you buy luxury item at a Donki? Haha.

Woot. My 30 hour yield. 4.5oz.

Ok la. Last pump for Japan, wash up all the bottles n pack everything up.

Then check out!!!!

The museum attached to the hotel. But it's closed for 4 years to facilitate renovation from 1 April 2014. Wah so reopen only in 2018.

The outside of the hotel.

Seriously it doesn't look impressive from outside because it's one of the oldest hotel in Tokyo but the service is impressive.

Obama stayed here the other time he visited Japan.

Inside of the hotel. This is the main lobby.

Apparently they are demolishing this Main wing and rebuild it. But it has so much history and quiet charm. But a lot of stairs and not handicapped friendly. Maybe that's y they need to rebuild it.

Christmas tree.

But very dark cannot see. The decor of the lobby very 50-70's retro modern.

Airport food!!

However, the taste is just not there. Can feel the difference. 😞😞

Rice kinda tasteless, the fish not as fresh.

The seaweed don't have the smokey umami taste. Not as crunchy too. Not exaggerating.

And the uni got fish taste. Oh dear im spoiled

Pretty lights at the airport

Snack time.

Hokkaido ice cream, pork curry sand which and grapefruit juice.

I was browsing my Twitter and look!!! Who do I see!!!

@hansumboi you famous liow!!!!!


Eh not bad la. Very moist!!

Got a fright of my life. I saw isaac on cctv crying.

Wtf BBQ dunno what happen. Then I saw @serhonp at home.

He sent me the photo above.

Isaac had a reaction to dragon fruit! Not sure bcos it's contaminated or not.

Looks like a bad reaction. Eyes swollen n loads of rashes everywhere on the face.

I'm home!!! Just landed like 5 minutes ago.

Going home to see isaac and @serhonp I missed them.

Day 4: I’m in LOVE with Tokyo

Got lost saw Tokyo tower

Another day, another 4oz to throw.

Oh wait. Gonna do feet spa. Hahha.

#not so wasted.

Round 1 breakfast.

Love the eggs and mash potato.

Some rice and condiments.

OMG it's the most delicious rice I've eaten.

What sorcery is this???? I had to go for another round with my fav lava like egg.

Oh the simplicity of it but the taste, the taste!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰

Planning what to do right after the forum ends.

I've not gone to Ginza area, so I'll probably do that tonight.

Stroll into any random eateries I'll find.

Look look look!!!

It's orange juice!!

You may wonder why I'm so excited about this.


The service in this hotel is excellent!!

The chambermaid/cleaner knows that I come up in the afternoon to pump and today….

Today there is orange juice for me to drink!!

Wtf. So super thoughtful can??? First time in my life I received such thoughtful service.

Anyone experience this level of service before???

I mean I did not bump into the cleaner before, but I'm assuming from the

Milk bottle and pump parts drying on the side table, she assumed I was a pumping mom and decided to "pamper" me.

Omg omg. I'm even more in love with Japan.

It's like this lover purposely keep trying to level up his game and impress me.

I feel so 😍😍😍😍 loved and pampered.

Ahhh Orange juice never tasted so good before.

@serhonp should learn from the Japanese way of hospitality and pampering… Level up!

Sumore I don't think anyhow just open the can n pour juice lo.

She went to get this chiller thing so that my juice is cool and nice to drink.

So much thought. So much discreet effort.

Meetings done!!!

Now time to explore!!!


#zara Trenchcoat from 2004 cost about Β£59
#clarks boots from year 2004: cost Β£55

The exchange rate then was crazy. It was rm7.4 to Β£1 then. My dad bleed through his ass sending me over that time. Haha.

Yes I still remember the price bcos I was a poor student and I'm so glad it lasted until now #cheapskate. Bought on sale one all this so called investment pieces.

Ginza so glitzy!

So pretty!!

Some famous historical building called Ginza-Wako Building.

It's the oldest shopping store in Tokyo I think.

Currently sitting opposite it for dinner.

Appetizer of foie gras something something. Lols.

But not as amazing as what @fondamentally has on a weekly basis.

Main of cod on potato gratin I think.

Oohh…. Are these truffles??

No idea.

When in LadurΓ©e, do as they do. Eat macarons.

Gjundja chocolate and salted caramel.

Yes my taste very boring one. Stick to what I like.

Off to Roppongi tomorrow!!

And to the Roppongi Don Quijote branch. Hehe.

Gonna pack a bit then go sleep lo.

Was an awesome day today!

Day 3 Tokyo, Forum day: No outing trips!

Forum starting today!!!

Another 24 hours, another 4 oz.


Bye bye milk, throwing away.

First time loving a conference room.

Very soothing decor. I think it's the colour etc.

No eye pain!

Breakfast today.

Their bacon very thin n properly cut. N the potato gnocchi dam nice.

The egg, the egg is something else.

How did they make if firm, yet the yolk still soft and flows like lava.

Taking the egg to next level. 😍😍😍

Lunch buffet.

It was really goooddd!!! But couldn't take picture cos was sitting with all the industry expert and I so shy ah!! Hehe.

Eh Wah the forum so high tech.

As some of the presentations are in Japanese, have to use this translation system.

The Japanese ladies translating live from the back of the room is really good ah.

The current speaker is from Portugal and she is so "thoughtful?"

She manage to find a link of Portugal and Japan.

Took pic of her slide n share the painting depiction when Portuguese first landed in Japan. βœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽŒπŸŽŒπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Hahah manage to #stalkermomseries

First saw isaac sitting patiently with grandma @maryannsee

10 seconds later, asking her for the iPad. He wants to play with it.


Somehow isaac never ask me for iPad etc cos he know I'll never give.

So adventurous ah!! Ordered plum wine. So sweet with a hint of sourness (like sour plum!)

Appetizer of KOREAN kimchi and salad.

Hello handsome!

Makura getting the heat.

Guess what's this!!


Such an interesting experience for me.

Yakiniku I love uuu!

Tokyo Day 2: Hotel Okura.

Woke up 1 hr later than expected because I just couldn't sleep last night. Too hot! Haha

Pumping now. Going to get ready after this.

Recording purposes.

At least I know in 24 hours, still can produce 4oz.

Bye bye liquid gold, down the sink you go!!!

Sorry Isaac!!

At the nearby diner having breakfast complimentary of the hotel.

Miso soup with pork & vegetable set.

Bwahhaha natto anyone?

Oh shit Meiji shrine super big.

Don't think can go Yoyogi park or shibuya today

Very bery nice. But this is just the entrance.

Wrote some wishes for our family and gave thanks.

Hung it up where the sun hits it the most so can transmit the message better.



Then got wedding procession ah.

Super lucky or what. 😍😍😍

Bride in white.

So much pomp and protocol. They really encircle the shrine properly and walk within a certain perimeter

Manage to go Yoyogi Park!!!

OH so beautifullll!!!

Literally had only 15 minute to walk in and out!!!

Hi, my forehead and eyes were here.


Partially crunchy golden leaves and my shoes.

Ok 10.00am liow need to head back!

See see the wedding procession walking two by two and along some imaginary drawn perimeter.


Right infront of my hotel was this restaurant dining place advertising all the cheap donburi!! Omg.

Couldn't resist la, so down the stairs I went!!

Took this set of uni, ebi, tuna, fatty tuna and ikura.

Explosion of salty pops from the ikura.

Sumore only Β₯1950, I'm not complaining. In ginza and nihonbashi, same set going for double the price.

Faster grab n eat.

Checked into the conference hotel now.

My bellboy is a petite small girl. Dam strong also.

Wah!! Rooms are triple the size of my previous place.

King/queen size bed with cute yakuta and origami on it.

Pretty view finally!

Cute room.

Toilet also big for Tokyo standards.

Super cute!!!

Origami turtle and crane. So 😍😍😍 ah.

It symbolizes good fortune.

Manage to FaceTime. Super grumpy him.

Apparently didn't wake up at night. Slept through out.


Ok update later wan to go shinjuku n errrr eat sumore!

Waiting to go into Rozen at isetan shinjuku as recommended by @soufflesecrets hehe and @mummytong

What should I eat??

@mummytong come already!!

Which is your favorite??

Is it this one??

Or this one??

Or one of these 3.

@mummytong there really is a difference to the other sushi I've tried in Tokyo so far.

Very nice!!! Somehow more flavorful.

Is it the rice?

Eh eh even their soup got clams inside. Woot!

Melt in your mouth AH!

*combust internally*

Ok la so far the best sushi I had.

But that's cause I've not tried Jiro sushi. The taka branch was closed. Can forget about the branch where Obama ate.

Maybe if next round going, I'm going to book it 2 months before hand.

I just realise, with every course they serve a different tea!!!

Fwaa… Tea pairing.

So swa ku me.

The tea taste abit salty though, maybe it's not tea and not for drinking but I drank anyway?? 😱😱😱

Melon is sweet and the jelly sweetish sourish as well.

These Japanese uncle and Aunty next to me so cuteee!!

Every sushi she eat she will nod nod, close her mouth and say "oishi-neh"

Yes aunty! I agree. Very good!

Ants, ants everywhere.

People people everywhere.

This one haven't reach they actually crossing.

Quite nice to watch ah.

Ok nothing here for me. Every pretty girl Here Looks like @fourfeetnine version 2009??

Shibuya 109 looks a bit pornyish with the big lips.

Ok gonna go back hotel. Tired!!

Actually feel more like coffee. But where to go ah??

Since Singapore don't have l'occitane cafe, I'll queue to have a drink & dessert here la. Hehe. 😁😁😁

Ooh so lucky got window seat.

Very cute cafe but I can't capture it.

Heheh peopleeeeeee!!

@chatoyant still feel claustrophobic with all the people ah?? Actually ok leh because the crowd is not rude and they don't push ppl around.

Herbal rose tea served with 2 kinds of honey.

One is thick another one thinner? Ahah. The thick one like mix with sugar ah. So sweet n grainy.

My dessert medley.

Ok confirm no need eat dinner already.

Bonus find!!!

Just reliase I was near hachiko.

Faster go find him and take picture.

@serhonp @maryannsee can show dad!

Woof woof.

@ashleysmq so sad ah!!

Ok gonna head back to hotel.

Stop by a convinent store and buy more snacks haha.

I just discovered the on button to close the curtains.

I'm so swaakuuu!

Let me post a video I took of Yoyogi park this am.

Want to delete la no more space in my phone.

Oh what r these for??

Face ah??

Not bad. Just gonna use them.

Got hungry at 8.30 pm went out looking for food!!!

Sliced beef on rice with mayo of I don't know what and kiam chye.

Japan Day 1

Morning everyone.

I didn't know terminal 3 got Singapore food street.

Ahha such a bad photo of my flight tics.

Ok la in the boarding lounge.

Missing my son already.

Manage to smell him before I left.

Manage to FaceTime him before boarding.

Can say mummy go Japan βœŒοΈβœŒοΈβœŒοΈπŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅πŸŽŒπŸŽŒπŸŽŒ

Plan today after check in is to go Takashimaya at Nihonbashi. Look for sushiiiii. N shopping. Hehe.

Which is the price???

Which is the name

Ok it's the strokes at the bottom.


Lucky they are nice enough to tell me.

Generally they try to speak English.

Service dam fast!

It's ok. Not to say super delicious. They put loads of wasabi in btwn the fish n rice.

After that walked around in Takashimaya food hall but didn't get anything la. Too much stuff, sensory overload. Loads of choco stuff.

Walked back to the subway. Wanted to go ginza but they already closing the Asakusa line which I need to get back.

So ginza plan scraped and caught the last subway back.

It's quite cold

But must eat ice cream.

Not bad la. Bought at a combi store called Lawson just around the corner.

Bought some water too cos so bloody thirsty.

After ice cream is done, bath and FaceTime with Isaac

All I can say is, heated toilet seats FTW!!!

So I arrived in Tokyo Haneda airport at 3.30pm Japan time. Took the railway downtown and alighted at higashiginza station.

First subway ride!!

Bought myself a passmo card which is like our Singapore ezlink card. I put in Β₯4500 so if I get lost I don't have to worry that my ticket won't be able to cover the ride.

The Tokyo subway system is pay by the amount of Β₯ that correlates withe the distance. So u buy tickets by the Distance Β₯ amount. So confusing for old bird like me just buy the passmo card la.

Wah for a less than sgd100 hotel I. Downtown, their bathroom toiletries very pretty la. Not bad to use la. He he

Isaac seems very happy with @maryannsee around. Ok la don't need me. But mummy miss his smell though.

My cosy little room. The bed and cupboard area.

The hallway leading to the bed.

Toilet with bathtub and heated toilet seat hehe.

This was the PASMO card I was talking about.

Can use on bus and other trains too. Not just subway. So very useful.

Ahhaah took a shot of isaac messing with daddy @serhonp hair when we were face timing

Ok gonna sleep now tomorrow long day.

The aircon in the room also doubles up as a heater.

So freaking dry now my lips are all cracking. Drank loads of water already still dry AH.

Beh TAHAN so I turn on the humidifier and air purifier.

Filled it up with water.

Just now humidity less than 30%. It's currently at 40%.

I hope it reaches 50-60% soon, if not confirm will be like jelly tomorrow.

Ok la good night. Tomorrow wake up 5am to pump, bath, put heavy makeup cos all the ladies here so well made to go out.

Need to cramp to see Meiji shrine, Yoyogi park and Shibuya pedestrian crossing by 10am.

Cos need to rush back by 10.30am to check out at 11am.


Just realized I Haven't posted anything today!!!

Breakfast was in office due to company meeting. Then lunch with our GM who is acting as our MD in the interim. We also had a meeting with her just for her to join in and see what our function does.

No time to pump. Boobies hurt a little.

Otw home now to pack!!

I haven't pack.

And I've not really decided on the itinerary of my days in Japan.

So rush. Plus I feel kinda sick.

First meal of the day!!
That I took photo off. Hehehhe.

Mummy's home made mee huen kuey. It's love. 😍😍😍

Almost finishing then I took photo of all the condiments!!

Fried shallots and fried ikan bilis!!!

So crunchy and nice!!

Isaac is 29 months today.

Sweet potatoes pancake in the mornings!


Stuffed bell peppers with simple salad.

Didn't have time to pump in the morning. Only manage at 12pm. Busy busy.

Run run runnnnnn


Grandma still not here yet. Bus got delayed?

Oh grandma @maryannsee just arrived.

Isaac giving her a hug.

Super early dinner of grilled steak rib eye, stuffed bell pepper, steamed broccoli and Greek salad with Avo ziki dressing.

Omg so full! Just cos my mom is here I think my maid cooked up a storm!

Went Taka shopping!!!

Bought school supply for Isaac!!

All the monkeys!!! So cute.

There is a matching monkey raincoat but @maryannsee say cannot.

Well, it is kinda pricey at $79 but it's really thick. And isaac is walking to school. No bus service for him hehe. Instead we bought a cheap flimsy $15 raincoat.

Hrmm maybe the next taka sale we buy la, with the matching brolley!!! Cos it's so cuteeee!!!!

Just don't let grandma know. Hehe.

Breakfast of smoked salmon, egg and avocado


Heard him singing "I think I'm gonna marry youuuu"

Bruno Mars song again. So funny him. Then sang jingle bells


Salmon with olives and capers with simple spinach salad.

Went strolling after lunch.
Couldn't resist this. Only $3.50! Buy and eat all!


Omnyomnyom eating apple as afternoon snack.


Isaac says

Yesterday told the maid to bring isaac out for a walk because I couldn't bring him cos going out on a date with daddy.

I told her go to Mei Mei and jie jie house around the corner up the hill. Maid just didn't respond as usual.

Then isaac turn to her:
πŸ‘Ό: Ya Ya(Isaac calls the maid yaya), mummy said go outside. Go see Mei Mei n Jie Jie

πŸ™Ž: harh?? What u said? *shocked*

πŸ‘Ό: I want to go outside. Yaya go outside. Mummy said go see Mei Mei jie jie.

Omg both of us look shocked!

He understood what I said to the maid on bringing him out to see the Mm n Jiejie.

Since maid wasnt budging, he had to repeat it to her!!!

Hahha sharp also ah this boy.

So in the end, he got to go out and both of us were impressed with his processing skills.

Suddenly so smart.

Stuffed Italian bell peppers with simple persimmon salad for dinner.

Went shopping after work.

Went trawling at Zara but put everything back because not on sale!!!

Then went uniqlo. Bought 3 heat tech chemisole to wear under my normal clothes and 1 Heat tech leggings just incase.

Then went over to h&m. Bought a snood knit scarf for $7 and a knit sweater for $15! So value can!!!

Belated birthday celebration.

Good morning!

Sweet potato pancakes.

So full ah. Didn't expect 2 skinny pancakes to be filling. Sweet potatoes really packs a punch

Eh so nice. My medical team mates going out lunch with me in conjunction with my bday.

So sweet.

Lunch at indochili was yums!

We had tahu telor, combo bakaran of black promfret, squids, prawns, satay and chicken.

Added on ayam bumbu rujak, belacan kangkung and tauhu tempeh goren

Bday girl got ais akelet which is avocado shake.

Burp. Very fulfilling meal. Never expect the team to belanja me

On another note

1: settled my pocket wireless in Japan thanks to @chatoyant recommendation.

2: dug out and repaired my old Clarks boots that I got when I was a student in 2005. Wearing it there.

3: also dug out my old Zara Trenchcoat also bought in 2005.

(All my so called investment pieces)

4: change my Yen already. Budgeted Β₯10,000 a day so if got extra spend all on Tokyo banana in airport because my medical team mates seems to like it.

5: printed map to go from airport to hotel.

6: rough itinary of where to go eat and see.

-Tokyo tower
-Tsukiji fist market
-shibuya pedestrian crossing
-Meiji shrine
-Takashimaya nihonbashi
-shinjuku isetan
-don quixote thanks to @shalinho recommendation since it's near Roponggi where my conference hotel/venue is

Ermm anywhere else that I should do/go?


Doing exercise ah, isaac? Hehe.

Only at 4pm did I manage to find time to pump. Needless to say today yield will be little.

WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?? Pump once a day also get 2oz, pump twice also 2oz.

Boobs, u playing Jedi mind tricks isit.

Husband says lets go out for dinner!!

Who am I to refuse. Don't know y look so cute here. #selfie #noshame

Took me to Equinox at swissotel.

Of course we ordered the seafood platter complete with Maine lobster, oysters, clams, mussels, tuna tartare, prawns and crab.

Outside steak just doesn't cut it for us anymore.

View is ok la. Can't believe he paid to be seated at the side of the window for the view.

That money could have ordered a glass of wine!!

Surprise birthday cake.

The waiter was so cute. Brought out the cake and sang me a birthday song.

I wish for a healthy bank account this year. Hehehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mandatory couple pic because if not I could have gone out by myself and pretend my husband was next to me. Rofl!!