Belated birthday celebration.

Good morning!

Sweet potato pancakes.

So full ah. Didn't expect 2 skinny pancakes to be filling. Sweet potatoes really packs a punch

Eh so nice. My medical team mates going out lunch with me in conjunction with my bday.

So sweet.

Lunch at indochili was yums!

We had tahu telor, combo bakaran of black promfret, squids, prawns, satay and chicken.

Added on ayam bumbu rujak, belacan kangkung and tauhu tempeh goren

Bday girl got ais akelet which is avocado shake.

Burp. Very fulfilling meal. Never expect the team to belanja me

On another note

1: settled my pocket wireless in Japan thanks to @chatoyant recommendation.

2: dug out and repaired my old Clarks boots that I got when I was a student in 2005. Wearing it there.

3: also dug out my old Zara Trenchcoat also bought in 2005.

(All my so called investment pieces)

4: change my Yen already. Budgeted Β₯10,000 a day so if got extra spend all on Tokyo banana in airport because my medical team mates seems to like it.

5: printed map to go from airport to hotel.

6: rough itinary of where to go eat and see.

-Tokyo tower
-Tsukiji fist market
-shibuya pedestrian crossing
-Meiji shrine
-Takashimaya nihonbashi
-shinjuku isetan
-don quixote thanks to @shalinho recommendation since it's near Roponggi where my conference hotel/venue is

Ermm anywhere else that I should do/go?


Doing exercise ah, isaac? Hehe.

Only at 4pm did I manage to find time to pump. Needless to say today yield will be little.

WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?? Pump once a day also get 2oz, pump twice also 2oz.

Boobs, u playing Jedi mind tricks isit.

Husband says lets go out for dinner!!

Who am I to refuse. Don't know y look so cute here. #selfie #noshame

Took me to Equinox at swissotel.

Of course we ordered the seafood platter complete with Maine lobster, oysters, clams, mussels, tuna tartare, prawns and crab.

Outside steak just doesn't cut it for us anymore.

View is ok la. Can't believe he paid to be seated at the side of the window for the view.

That money could have ordered a glass of wine!!

Surprise birthday cake.

The waiter was so cute. Brought out the cake and sang me a birthday song.

I wish for a healthy bank account this year. Hehehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Mandatory couple pic because if not I could have gone out by myself and pretend my husband was next to me. Rofl!!

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