Breakfast of smoked salmon, egg and avocado


Heard him singing "I think I'm gonna marry youuuu"

Bruno Mars song again. So funny him. Then sang jingle bells


Salmon with olives and capers with simple spinach salad.

Went strolling after lunch.
Couldn't resist this. Only $3.50! Buy and eat all!


Omnyomnyom eating apple as afternoon snack.


Isaac says

Yesterday told the maid to bring isaac out for a walk because I couldn't bring him cos going out on a date with daddy.

I told her go to Mei Mei and jie jie house around the corner up the hill. Maid just didn't respond as usual.

Then isaac turn to her:
👼: Ya Ya(Isaac calls the maid yaya), mummy said go outside. Go see Mei Mei n Jie Jie

🙎: harh?? What u said? *shocked*

👼: I want to go outside. Yaya go outside. Mummy said go see Mei Mei jie jie.

Omg both of us look shocked!

He understood what I said to the maid on bringing him out to see the Mm n Jiejie.

Since maid wasnt budging, he had to repeat it to her!!!

Hahha sharp also ah this boy.

So in the end, he got to go out and both of us were impressed with his processing skills.

Suddenly so smart.

Stuffed Italian bell peppers with simple persimmon salad for dinner.

Went shopping after work.

Went trawling at Zara but put everything back because not on sale!!!

Then went uniqlo. Bought 3 heat tech chemisole to wear under my normal clothes and 1 Heat tech leggings just incase.

Then went over to h&m. Bought a snood knit scarf for $7 and a knit sweater for $15! So value can!!!

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