Isaac is 29 months today.

Sweet potatoes pancake in the mornings!


Stuffed bell peppers with simple salad.

Didn't have time to pump in the morning. Only manage at 12pm. Busy busy.

Run run runnnnnn


Grandma still not here yet. Bus got delayed?

Oh grandma @maryannsee just arrived.

Isaac giving her a hug.

Super early dinner of grilled steak rib eye, stuffed bell pepper, steamed broccoli and Greek salad with Avo ziki dressing.

Omg so full! Just cos my mom is here I think my maid cooked up a storm!

Went Taka shopping!!!

Bought school supply for Isaac!!

All the monkeys!!! So cute.

There is a matching monkey raincoat but @maryannsee say cannot.

Well, it is kinda pricey at $79 but it's really thick. And isaac is walking to school. No bus service for him hehe. Instead we bought a cheap flimsy $15 raincoat.

Hrmm maybe the next taka sale we buy la, with the matching brolley!!! Cos it's so cuteeee!!!!

Just don't let grandma know. Hehe.

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