Tokyo Day 2: Hotel Okura.

Woke up 1 hr later than expected because I just couldn't sleep last night. Too hot! Haha

Pumping now. Going to get ready after this.

Recording purposes.

At least I know in 24 hours, still can produce 4oz.

Bye bye liquid gold, down the sink you go!!!

Sorry Isaac!!

At the nearby diner having breakfast complimentary of the hotel.

Miso soup with pork & vegetable set.

Bwahhaha natto anyone?

Oh shit Meiji shrine super big.

Don't think can go Yoyogi park or shibuya today

Very bery nice. But this is just the entrance.

Wrote some wishes for our family and gave thanks.

Hung it up where the sun hits it the most so can transmit the message better.



Then got wedding procession ah.

Super lucky or what. 😍😍😍

Bride in white.

So much pomp and protocol. They really encircle the shrine properly and walk within a certain perimeter

Manage to go Yoyogi Park!!!

OH so beautifullll!!!

Literally had only 15 minute to walk in and out!!!

Hi, my forehead and eyes were here.


Partially crunchy golden leaves and my shoes.

Ok 10.00am liow need to head back!

See see the wedding procession walking two by two and along some imaginary drawn perimeter.


Right infront of my hotel was this restaurant dining place advertising all the cheap donburi!! Omg.

Couldn't resist la, so down the stairs I went!!

Took this set of uni, ebi, tuna, fatty tuna and ikura.

Explosion of salty pops from the ikura.

Sumore only ¥1950, I'm not complaining. In ginza and nihonbashi, same set going for double the price.

Faster grab n eat.

Checked into the conference hotel now.

My bellboy is a petite small girl. Dam strong also.

Wah!! Rooms are triple the size of my previous place.

King/queen size bed with cute yakuta and origami on it.

Pretty view finally!

Cute room.

Toilet also big for Tokyo standards.

Super cute!!!

Origami turtle and crane. So 😍😍😍 ah.

It symbolizes good fortune.

Manage to FaceTime. Super grumpy him.

Apparently didn't wake up at night. Slept through out.


Ok update later wan to go shinjuku n errrr eat sumore!

Waiting to go into Rozen at isetan shinjuku as recommended by @soufflesecrets hehe and @mummytong

What should I eat??

@mummytong come already!!

Which is your favorite??

Is it this one??

Or this one??

Or one of these 3.

@mummytong there really is a difference to the other sushi I've tried in Tokyo so far.

Very nice!!! Somehow more flavorful.

Is it the rice?

Eh eh even their soup got clams inside. Woot!

Melt in your mouth AH!

*combust internally*

Ok la so far the best sushi I had.

But that's cause I've not tried Jiro sushi. The taka branch was closed. Can forget about the branch where Obama ate.

Maybe if next round going, I'm going to book it 2 months before hand.

I just realise, with every course they serve a different tea!!!

Fwaa… Tea pairing.

So swa ku me.

The tea taste abit salty though, maybe it's not tea and not for drinking but I drank anyway?? 😱😱😱

Melon is sweet and the jelly sweetish sourish as well.

These Japanese uncle and Aunty next to me so cuteee!!

Every sushi she eat she will nod nod, close her mouth and say "oishi-neh"

Yes aunty! I agree. Very good!

Ants, ants everywhere.

People people everywhere.

This one haven't reach they actually crossing.

Quite nice to watch ah.

Ok nothing here for me. Every pretty girl Here Looks like @fourfeetnine version 2009??

Shibuya 109 looks a bit pornyish with the big lips.

Ok gonna go back hotel. Tired!!

Actually feel more like coffee. But where to go ah??

Since Singapore don't have l'occitane cafe, I'll queue to have a drink & dessert here la. Hehe. 😁😁😁

Ooh so lucky got window seat.

Very cute cafe but I can't capture it.

Heheh peopleeeeeee!!

@chatoyant still feel claustrophobic with all the people ah?? Actually ok leh because the crowd is not rude and they don't push ppl around.

Herbal rose tea served with 2 kinds of honey.

One is thick another one thinner? Ahah. The thick one like mix with sugar ah. So sweet n grainy.

My dessert medley.

Ok confirm no need eat dinner already.

Bonus find!!!

Just reliase I was near hachiko.

Faster go find him and take picture.

@serhonp @maryannsee can show dad!

Woof woof.

@ashleysmq so sad ah!!

Ok gonna head back to hotel.

Stop by a convinent store and buy more snacks haha.

I just discovered the on button to close the curtains.

I'm so swaakuuu!

Let me post a video I took of Yoyogi park this am.

Want to delete la no more space in my phone.

Oh what r these for??

Face ah??

Not bad. Just gonna use them.

Got hungry at 8.30 pm went out looking for food!!!

Sliced beef on rice with mayo of I don't know what and kiam chye.

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