Day 4: I’m in LOVE with Tokyo

Got lost saw Tokyo tower

Another day, another 4oz to throw.

Oh wait. Gonna do feet spa. Hahha.

#not so wasted.

Round 1 breakfast.

Love the eggs and mash potato.

Some rice and condiments.

OMG it's the most delicious rice I've eaten.

What sorcery is this???? I had to go for another round with my fav lava like egg.

Oh the simplicity of it but the taste, the taste!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ†πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰

Planning what to do right after the forum ends.

I've not gone to Ginza area, so I'll probably do that tonight.

Stroll into any random eateries I'll find.

Look look look!!!

It's orange juice!!

You may wonder why I'm so excited about this.


The service in this hotel is excellent!!

The chambermaid/cleaner knows that I come up in the afternoon to pump and today….

Today there is orange juice for me to drink!!

Wtf. So super thoughtful can??? First time in my life I received such thoughtful service.

Anyone experience this level of service before???

I mean I did not bump into the cleaner before, but I'm assuming from the

Milk bottle and pump parts drying on the side table, she assumed I was a pumping mom and decided to "pamper" me.

Omg omg. I'm even more in love with Japan.

It's like this lover purposely keep trying to level up his game and impress me.

I feel so 😍😍😍😍 loved and pampered.

Ahhh Orange juice never tasted so good before.

@serhonp should learn from the Japanese way of hospitality and pampering… Level up!

Sumore I don't think anyhow just open the can n pour juice lo.

She went to get this chiller thing so that my juice is cool and nice to drink.

So much thought. So much discreet effort.

Meetings done!!!

Now time to explore!!!


#zara Trenchcoat from 2004 cost about Β£59
#clarks boots from year 2004: cost Β£55

The exchange rate then was crazy. It was rm7.4 to Β£1 then. My dad bleed through his ass sending me over that time. Haha.

Yes I still remember the price bcos I was a poor student and I'm so glad it lasted until now #cheapskate. Bought on sale one all this so called investment pieces.

Ginza so glitzy!

So pretty!!

Some famous historical building called Ginza-Wako Building.

It's the oldest shopping store in Tokyo I think.

Currently sitting opposite it for dinner.

Appetizer of foie gras something something. Lols.

But not as amazing as what @fondamentally has on a weekly basis.

Main of cod on potato gratin I think.

Oohh…. Are these truffles??

No idea.

When in LadurΓ©e, do as they do. Eat macarons.

Gjundja chocolate and salted caramel.

Yes my taste very boring one. Stick to what I like.

Off to Roppongi tomorrow!!

And to the Roppongi Don Quijote branch. Hehe.

Gonna pack a bit then go sleep lo.

Was an awesome day today!

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