Day 5 Tokyo: Roppongi & back to my little family

Good morning. Having Japanese breakfast for the last day.

first they served the salty tea and oolong tea with water.

I wonder what's this salty tea.

Nice bamboo lined wall.

My breakfast set!!!

So loveeee 😍😍😍

The rice can only be found in Japan. They don't export it out.

So I have to eat it all!! Don't let it go to waste!!! Hahha

I'm going to explore roppongi now.

So full!! Walk the breakfast off.

At Don Quijote Roppongi branch.

So full of stuff.

@serhonp any fetish you would like me to fulfill???

Police women ok?

Hermes anyone?

I found you!! Took me awhile, but I did.

Roppongi Hills is a CBD. Nothing much.

Bought some eyeliner for my sis a the Donki, and that's it.

Can't afford the Donki priced hermes wallet hehe even if it is cheaper.

Morning crowd going to work!

I'm heading home the opposite side.

I like this 2 colour wallet, but they're still so expensive!

And would you buy luxury item at a Donki? Haha.

Woot. My 30 hour yield. 4.5oz.

Ok la. Last pump for Japan, wash up all the bottles n pack everything up.

Then check out!!!!

The museum attached to the hotel. But it's closed for 4 years to facilitate renovation from 1 April 2014. Wah so reopen only in 2018.

The outside of the hotel.

Seriously it doesn't look impressive from outside because it's one of the oldest hotel in Tokyo but the service is impressive.

Obama stayed here the other time he visited Japan.

Inside of the hotel. This is the main lobby.

Apparently they are demolishing this Main wing and rebuild it. But it has so much history and quiet charm. But a lot of stairs and not handicapped friendly. Maybe that's y they need to rebuild it.

Christmas tree.

But very dark cannot see. The decor of the lobby very 50-70's retro modern.

Airport food!!

However, the taste is just not there. Can feel the difference. 😞😞

Rice kinda tasteless, the fish not as fresh.

The seaweed don't have the smokey umami taste. Not as crunchy too. Not exaggerating.

And the uni got fish taste. Oh dear im spoiled

Pretty lights at the airport

Snack time.

Hokkaido ice cream, pork curry sand which and grapefruit juice.

I was browsing my Twitter and look!!! Who do I see!!!

@hansumboi you famous liow!!!!!


Eh not bad la. Very moist!!

Got a fright of my life. I saw isaac on cctv crying.

Wtf BBQ dunno what happen. Then I saw @serhonp at home.

He sent me the photo above.

Isaac had a reaction to dragon fruit! Not sure bcos it's contaminated or not.

Looks like a bad reaction. Eyes swollen n loads of rashes everywhere on the face.

I'm home!!! Just landed like 5 minutes ago.

Going home to see isaac and @serhonp I missed them.

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