Medela PISA vs Medela Freestyle

Breakfast today. Baked egg and zucchini & carrot swirly quiche.

@serhonp a couple that shits together, stays together.


@maryannsee reading time with Isaac. Grandma leaving today 😭😭😭😭


Super value lunch.

Bento set from Kuriya Japanese Market at only $6.80!

So fast it's middle of December already!!

Looking very lonely there. Mouth busy chewing on a piece of fruit.

Grandma has gone back to KL


Ergh only 50mls today.

One thing I notice, if I use Medela Pump in style advanced, my yield not so good.

When I travel I use Medela Freestyle and the suction and resolution of the pump seems stronger and I get more milk with it.

So by January 4 (when Isaac turns 30 months) I'm gonna retire this PISA. Then will use the freestyle as main pump la. Will plan to pump once a day in office only after that.

Comfort food today. Lemon herb roast chicken.

My portion today.

Eaten with roasted orange beet root and roasted veg from the chicken.

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