Mummy’s Guga Smelly

Yesterday dinner forgot to post!!!

Double pork tenderloin. Tenderloin wrapped in bacon and roasted.

My portion last night of the tenderloin sliced. Sides of spinach n leftover beetroot.

Breakfast today is STILL zucchini quiche and bacon.

Wasn't kidding when I said make once n eat over the week

Ahaha got look like sushi ah???

A mouthful of bacon+quiche.

Today is a good day because the smiling grandma is back

Some mornings will bump into her whilst otw to the bus stop. She will smile at everyone and say good morning.

Literally every…single….person.

Yes Isaac, I know you're super bored, you've to lie down on the floor pretending to be a dolphin. Haha



Roasted lemon chicken from few days ago.

We have a secret Santa going on in our office.

So Our budget was sgd20-25.

Walked around today at GWC during lunch and found something cute.

Hope she likes it!!

Gift exchange will be on the 24th December!

Aiyo so naughty this boy!!!

Playing with the puddle of water in the balcony

Weirdest thing happen!

Just now before sleeping, isaac latch on boobs as per his ritual.

Then after latching awhile he said

👼: mummy guga smelly

👩: smelly? Ok smelly then don't guga.

Guga is what he calls my boob and guga also means drinking/latching.

Then the whole night he never wan to latch.

When he was about to fall asleep, his hands started roaming n tried to latch, then I repeated

👩: mummy's guga smelly

And with sleepy voice
👼: guga smelly…..

Then he just hugged his mini bolster n went


So I don't know to be happy or sad.

Happy cos finally my boob has freedommmmm!! No more all night buffet.

I don't know why he found my boobs smelly also.

I took a whiff and nope… Don't smelly anything funky. Same soap, same clothes i usually wear etcetc.

Maybe he became off my milk already.

Maybe finally he is starting to self wean.

So I hope tomorrow will continue to be the same!!!

My boobs will be smelly to him!!

No more sweet smell of mummy! No more boobies!!!


Ok back to business.

Today's dinner is 1.2kg of T-bone steaK lightly seasoned with salt & pepper and just grill the hell out of it.

It's very thick so it took a while for it to become medium rare.

Both of us only manage to finish half of it.

Which only means more leftover! Wohoo.

Sad steam broccoli as sides!

Weheeee still happy about my boobs being called smelly.

Later I'll ask @serhonp to check

End today's post with Isaac singing Humpty Dumpty.

Sorry bout the lopsided video, dunno how come like that.

Notice his hands going up n down like soo intooooo the song.

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