So last night Isaac got up anyway to latch.

In the midst I keep saying "Mummy GUGA SMELLY"

That didnt work!!

So the evening was just a fluke shot. Back to his old ways.

Breakfast today.

Avocado, hard boiled egg and chicken meat.

Too full so tarpau the 2 eggs to work.

Oooh I spy him having some snack. I think he's eating a plum

But what an odd time for snack. Maybe he was hungry n cranky so helper decide to shove some food inside before his lunch time.


After eating, what do u do?

Why, child labour of course. You got to earn your keep!!!

Fine, fine. Teach him responsibility. Stow away your things once your are done with them. To be fair, the chair very light only la.

Just got news my Uni friend preggy with 2nd child.

N then I told her "congrats, I'm sure it's a girl" haha

Base on chinese horoscope those pregnant this yr most likely girl right.

Of cos this is totally hocus pocus la. She's only 6 weeks so can't confirm yet. Wait another 14 weeks.

For lunch, even though I brought my packed food but I was craving mee sua thanks to @mummytong post yesterday!!

Zion road food court pig organ mee sua. Yummy, but nothing like my mothers mee sua!

Can't wait for 5pm!

I have a date with Isaac later.

To United square for his hair cut and dinner!!!!

Maybe I'll eat dinner first because I'm feeling very hungry right now!!

Mee sua not enough!!

@serhonp has his department dinner today hence my bonding time with Isaac.

Let's scoootttt!!!

Cleverly enjoying himself


Guess where we are @serhonp

I'm giving batman a hug. Because I don't wanna cut hair and I'm doing all sorts of thing to avoid going into the hair cut shop.


After haircut.

Handsome la, at least i think so.

And not a single tear was shed.

Secret weapon is hi 5 playing on the console screen.

Handsome selfie before I sleep.

Good night ladies!!!

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