Breakfast today.

Fried egg, spinach, avocado and leftover pork tenderloin

Couldn't resist.

Cappuccino Franco from Krispy Kreme.

Every morning otw to work I pass by it. I JUST HAD TOOOOOO!!

So for the Xmas week, I'm thinking of what to cook.

The in laws will be down, so I don't wanna put in much effort hehe 🙊🙊🙊🙊

I've got:
2kg of angus rib eye
2kg of bone in leg of lamb
5.5kg of turkey

All sitting in the freezer now.

I guess have to roast the lamb as @serhonp has promised his cousins we r gonna bring that over for Xmas eve BBQ party. So that's settled of 24 December.

What about the turkey n the ribeye?

Oh gonna go buy me a Meat thermometer first from Phoon Huat.

Sad lunch is sad.

No veg.


Snacking and reading at the same time!!

Worse ever boobie performance!!!


Xmas party with company!!

White wine to start.

Us girls at the dinner!

Door gift at the company dinner.

Taka voucher and atas chocolate.

Share with you guys la. Can't have too much!!

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