Daddy, our hero!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Guess what, just as we were gonna walk out for lunch, we found an unconscious man by the side of the street.

@serhonp daddy saving the day

2 nurses/ assistant nurses were called by passerby from the hospital to assist the man.

We waited and waited for 30 mins already and still no sign of the ambulance.

After an assessment by @serhonp, patient was determined to be conscious, although he was complaining of severe headache and started gagging and vomiting.

After another 15 mins, still no sign of ambulance, so me and isaac went off first. Getting too hot for Isaac!!

After all that drama, finally had time for lunch.

My mocha with Swan milk art

My waffles and chicken. Looks ok, but the taste is really yummy!!

Neighbourhood coffee place wins!!!

No need go far far to orchard n the rest of the world already.

Since @serhonp worked hard just now, ordered desserts which tasted like Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton together! Haha

It's called monkeys and piggies *ok la can't remember*

But it's toast with banana, Nutella, peanut butter n chocolate syrup topped with bacon!!

So yummeh!!!!

Back home now for some peace and quiet.

How nice to take a nap like this mini old man here.


Dinner tonight.

Was very happy with the amount of food he ate for dinner.

He finished 1 whole bowl of teriyaki chicken don, left maybe 4-5 spoon of rice. The chicken meat he ate about half of it. The rest of the meat mummy eat.

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