For this festive season, I wish for no negativity.

Thank you.

Received a nice Xmas gift from our secretary.

She didn't have to, but it was nice.

Continuing with my mee sua cravings.

Bought these Taiwanese snack stall at sq 2 for lunch

Their oyster mee sua not bad la the sour plum sweet potato fries is super yummy!!!! Ok now I know where to go for my cheenaaa fix!

Shit. Receive this msg from my SIL

So looks like I'm making turkey regardless.

I wonder what @serhonp has been telling the in laws!!!

Bought my meat thermometer from Phoon Huat!!

Wohooo. So can roast my 2kg rib eye one of this days.

Just roast the dam turkey la!

You know what, in spite of me not wanting to make an effort this Xmas, I think I will just roast it la.

I know @serhonp will appreciate it.

I'm reluctant because in laws R not my favorite ppl. Imagine slaving the whole day/week before preparing the ingredients, taking leave to buy the spices herbs etc and actually cooking and roasting n all they comment is salty and all that shit, I really DID NOT want to cook this year.

But… F that shit la. Just do it for the husband.

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