Another small gift at the office.

Feeling the love 💓💓💓

Must count all my blessings.

Last night, @serhonp brought me out for dinner cos I was getting angsty already.

Went to a German beerhaus at united square. I had beef stroganoff and hub had German pork knuckle half portion.

Both our meals were yums!! N tasted very homemade. Definitely will be going there again!

Then went cold storage grocery shopping again to prepare for the Xmas dinner.

I'm feeling abit sick now. I think all the running around is making me feel sick.

Had a cleansing breakfast. Haha.

Overnight no-oats chia seed oatmeal with fresh blueberries.

Lunch is bento set again!!

Chicken karage and fried mackerel. Yums affordable


Another small gift!!! So blessed!!! So loved!! 😻😻

Better hide the presents because I'm the only one who got them!! 😳😳😳




A dose of happiness before I get back. Just taking time for myself before I face…. I face….. Erm ppl

Hehe. Nice me time.

Dinner today.

Yes, comfort roast chicken. Omg already gonna have roasted turkey for Xmas.

Ah well!

Ok marinated the leg of lamb and in to the fridge it goes.

Raw turkey making a sneak appearance at the bottom.

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