Merry Xmas everyone!!!

Omg everybody!!! It's Xmas!!!

The presents is all mineeee!!!!

Opened one present and it was a train set from one of @serhonp cousin.

And isaac refused to open any presents after that. He said enough. No need to open.

He was happy with that one and only present he open.

So folks, don't need to buy present for him. Maybe just share 1(one) only. Everyone chip in to buy something blue and with wheels.

And he will be the happiest kid ever (ok, maybe like a few days)

Mesmerized by the train.

Played with if quite a while.

Fed him his oats and still continue playing the train.

Made turkey stuffing in the morning.

Once grandma took isaac for his morning bath, mummy got busy in the kitchen.

Chopped the green apple and onions.

Threw into this frying pan a hugeeee knob of butter. Let it melt.

Next sauté the onions and liver (I used the liver that came with the turkey instead of chicken liver)

Then glazed with glug of red wine and let it cool down.

In a bowl, throw in chopped apples, onions and 200gm mince pork, 100gm mince chicken and 2 pieces of bread toasted to hardness (hehe) and made into crumbs.

Threw in mixed herbs, ground black pepper, fresh tarragon, salt and italian seasoning. Then added in the cooled cooked chicken liver.

Smelled dam nice already at this point.

Lined the roasting tray with chopped leek and carrots plus the turkey neck and giblets.

Seasoned with black pepper and throw in fresh tarragon for good measure.

Oh wow. Just finish turkey and all its trimmings!

This was the turkey at 2pm.

Ready to get into the oven.

@serhonp helped me tie the legs together with his "suturing" skills!!! Just right after stuffing it.

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