Here's the turkey about 1.5 hours later.

Took it out to baste with butter

Stab the meat thermometer for double insurance making sure it was cooked.

Thick slab of butter over turkey to baste. Let it slowly melt whilst rubbing the butter over the hot turkey.

After 15 mins back into the oven to brown it, then it was time to glazed with honey cranberry glazed. Just brush it over the turkey.

And tada!!! All done.

Let it rest till dinner time!

Whilst the turkey was baking, made some cranberry sauce.

Fresh cranberries!!!! None of the can stuff (actually, because cold storage n fair price sold out my usual can cranberry so had to improvise!)

So into the put goes the cranberry fruits, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, raisins and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Continue letting it boil… Till it becomes jam like?

I asked @serhonp to help with the taste. So tired already me cos I had to do Yorkshire pudding next!

Next, get ready the batter for Yorkshire pudding.

Shift flour, 2 eggs, full fat milk into a bowl n beat the hell out of it.

Add some salt.

Keep beating to incorporate as much air as possible to pudding can be ping pong.

Then refrigerate for 2-3 hrs until needed.

When it's time to go, pour oil into the muffin pan, heat it up in the oven till smoky.

Then quickly pour in the batter in the hot oil wells!!!

Faster chuck it in the oven and watch these fuckers rise!!

It will looks like these when done.

The Yorkshire pudding will have its own well where u can pour loads of gravy on it.

Next, turkey gravy!!!!

Pour out the juice from the roasted turkey into a pot.

Put in bay leaves, peppercorns, parsley sprig and beef stock (home made).

And let it boil until reduce. Bout an hr.

After that sieve, salt to taste and pour in cream and flour to thicken.

And after all that tada. The spread.

Doesn't look like much because queen n princess said no need greens.

Trying to look happy carving.

But erm Ya. U guys know la…

Thank god not dry!!!! Got taste too!

Ok happy for myself.

First round portion.


Gravy filled up in the well of the Yorkshire pudding. Cranberry sauce at the side.

Ended the night at Udders united square there for ice cream.

So freaking tired after that I had no time to think. Headache too. Woke up late today.

Count my blessings

I was thankful I had my husband to clean up after me whilst I cook.

Maid was off on that day. In between taking care of isaac, he will helped look after the cooking.

@serhonp this is all done after he had to work in the morning at ICU with a record of 8 new admissions and very critical patients where 4 died.

Queen and Princess just sat there never asking if I need help or helped with isaac.

Go figure la why they r my "fav" ppl in the whole wide world.

After dinner thank god they did

The dishes.


No word of thanks for the cooking.

Or that it was nice the food.

Or thanks for the effort.

EFFING hell I'm ur slave ah?????

Nvm. No more for next year.

But I always say this. N come next year I will give in again n torture myself.

Ok end of rant.

Late lunch of #leftoverlunch

Sliced leg of lamb with its sauce.

Whilst pumping just now #stalkermomseries

So cute lugging his Mickey Mouse soft toy everywhere. It is as big as him.

Leftover dinner today of the turkey.

Actually husband suggested me n him go out to eat but just not in the mood.

Also to shop but ergh..not in this foul weather (and mood) and jostling with ppl.

Nope, just wanna stay home.

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