Back at our neighbourhood cafe. Ordered the pork chops and latte.

So good.

And desserts. Because I want. With another cup of coffee.

Might attempt to wrangle the Xmas tree later to keep it.

Or not.

But I wanted to use the sticker. Haha.

It's a "not going to cook" weekend!!!

Time to veg out and calm the eff down and reflect.

In the coming days, I've got to plan out my meals.

And my work outs. Ever since my ankle injury, I've not been working out and paying the price for it.

My diet has been shot, and I've been eating rubbish.

As a result, I feel quite rubbish body wise and mentally.

I've to admit, dairy and sweets makes me behave very very badly. I get bad thoughts. I get moody, depress and very anxious.

My fingers feel trembly, my soles and palms are sweating more excessively.

I think I better overhaul

And the best part is, I don't have the energy to do anything.

And I keep craving for more and more sweet stuff. Cakes, chocolates, cookies, the works!

It's bad la. 1-2 piece is ok. But I constantly want to eat them.

The damage is… 4kg in 2 months.

Yup. Very very fast deterioration. Whilst it took me 10 months of clean eating to lose 2kg. So back to negative.

But it's ok. I know I can change it.

We are at @serhonp colleague and friends kids 1st bday party.

So attracted to the cakes. They look so pretty!!!

I resisted the pretty cake!!! Didn't have any of the cupcakes. And ONLY a mouthful of the cake.

Quite proud of myself. Heh.

Oh dear god, my son, isaac ask me to take a selfie with the birthday girl.

How like that. He so clever to pose sumore!!

Mei Mei has got some posing catching up to do.

He was still trying to work it, but birthday girl was getting bored.

Haha and she couldn't resist.

She kept wanting to go n touch his face n want to muaks him.

We better not encourage our son Hor @serhonp later bday parents come kill us first.

Came back home and this fella went abit psycho.

First time I see him climb into his toy box!!

I asked him what he was digging for and he couldn't tell me.

Took a few of the soft toy n let him play with it. He kept hugging scout the green soft toy.

Anddddd more leftovers for dinner.

OMG just now.

When I was trying to put isaac to sleep, he suddenly said

"Mummy, I cannot brain this"
Followed by "boosh" (imitating an explosion sound)

Fml!!! We said this the other day maybe almost a week ago when me n @serhonp were talking about someone.

N he picked it up..

And remembered how to said it. With the sound effect of brain explosion.

My son is a sponge.

"Mummy, I cannot brain this."


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