First exercise in 2 months!

Good morning!!

Bacon and cherry tomato quiche with half an avocado.

Reminder to avoid sugar all day!

And to go to the gym after work.

Just start slow Joanne, what with your wonky ankles and all.

Cycling or elliptical machine will do. 30-45mins.

Mid air leapt!!

Wohooo!! Caught him dancing again.


Pumping now and really, like no more juice. Haha. Just no more letdown reflex.

Most pathetic yield so far. @delight we r in this together. Lols!

I think the twins are affected by the rain this morning, it being wet n gloomy. And not enough sleep. And it's just Monday la.

Simple salad of smoked salmon and half an avocado for lunch.

Is there a jet practice happening now?

Open the cctv and can hear loud sound coming out like a jet plane passing through.

Naughty boy playing with the glass table.

Hrmm. I think better buy him some coloring books and practice writing books. Hehe.



Salad dinner tonight!!

Mesclun greens topped with turkey breast (yeay, more leftovers!), pine nuts and stuffings.

Dressed with cranberry sauce and balsamic vinegerate

I went to the gym!

Woooohoo. I didn't lift weights but I did 35 mins on the elliptical machine. Tried to maintain at 120 srpm on level 8.

Came back ankle looked like it was bigger and swollen but no pain.

Reminder to call dr Chiang for extra epi-pen prescription and action plan for anaphylaxis for his nursery next year!!

Woohoo going go sleep now.

Also, took out my angus beef rib eye to defrost in preparation for some roast!!!

Can't wait.

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