Zara shopping!

Back at our fav thai place again

Having pork boat noodles. Tasted quite good but I expected more "dirty" stuff in it like pork cracking, blood and organs. Oh well.

Tried different soft shell crab. This is the tamarind style fried soft shell crab.

Still love the one cooked in yellow curry.

Pandan chicken. Nothing to shout about.

And crab omelette.

Aiyah today everything we ordered so disappointing. Pftttt.

Will stick to yellow curry n tomyam soup

Back at his fav chicken rice shop!

Dinner for him on weekends is either teriyaki chicken rice or Hainanese chicken rice from wee nam kee.

These series of pic is me telling him to pose and scoop ur rice. Show me how it's done?

Can hear him saying "I cannot brain this- booosh"?

Went post Xmas sale shopping and the whole Puah family went crazy at Zara.

My loot! Bucket bag, accessories, work shirt, skirt and a dress. Yes my colours are boring.

I think subconsciously chose these colours cos I'm frumpy now, so need to cover up.

Isaacs loot.

Looks like an adult mans clothes right??? Bahaha.

He hasn't got grey slacks, so got two. And they are in size 12-18months old toddlers. He is 30months old in age actually but he so small size.

Oh and he specifically told us the t-shirt top row, second to the right is "must buy, must buy this one!"

"I want to wear this now, change change" when we were in Zara.

Because he likes blue, n this blue with the wording quite bright blue la so attracted to it.

And daddy @serhonp has 2 sad white work shirts. Actually no need to show la. So boring. Just like his any work clothes haha

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