Breakfast! Same as yesterday. Bacon & cherry tomato quiche with avocado

These are so cute!!!

Template to make a badge for isaac!!

Anyone knows a good place where they know how to do badges?

I've called his allergist clinic to arrange for an epi-pen pick up and also a anaphylaxis plan print out!!

Forgotten how expensive it was the cost of an epi-pen!

It's sgd198. Luckily this round expiry is longer at April 2016.

Failed sugar detox – day 2.

Caramel milkshake.

Yesterday had macarons.

Oh dear lord. So good the milk shake. Taste like pecan walnut Sara Lee ice cream.

The last time I had that was 15 years ago or more?? Brings back memories.

Since we are going all out, here is my lobster mac & cheese.

Heh heh. Fake tai tai much?

Ok dam disappointed with the lobster mac n cheese. Lobster overcooked and not fresh obviously.

Gonna go look for stuff and places to make the badge.

N go home. N nuaaa!!

Half day today!!

I've asked evergreen the stationary shop in novena and they don't do badges.

I think I saw in united square the other day. Later I go see evening time.

Now wanna cut hair!

Oh my heart goes out to the air Asia flight.

Based on the bbc tweets, bodies have already been spotted n brought onto ships.

Ok hair trimmed.

Still look sleepy. Haha.

Oohh isaac level up. Can climb the pony up himself and rock it.


Anddddd the last of be turkeys!!!


And sides of butternut squash soup!!

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