Impromptu New Year Eve dinner of Angus Beef Roast

Good morning everyone!

I took half day off today, so essentially its a full day off!!

Had my cup of black joes with my bacon quiche (the last of it) and just chilling with isaac

Playing with his chugginton train set.

Been playing with it since he open it on Xmas morning.

Had an enjoyable cuppa and lunch with my fav person in the whole wide world @serhonp

And I had an enjoyable time paktoing with him.

Made him try on clothes to look like a Taiwanese super star.

But the "air" is not there. He can't pull of the look.


It's ok. I'll stick to my boring working clothes husband.

Ooh and I found my CFM shoes!

Got CFM or not?

So sexy.

Best part is it's less than sgd60 (ok la it's 59.90) but looks exp can?

*shiok sendiri*

But I was looking for this shoe high and low. Went to 4 Zara outlets already and either no size or all sold out.

So tried my luck again and tada!!! Got it!

Love it la. 😍😍

So for new year eve, decided to make roast!

At 4pm, a friend impromptu msg me and ask me out for steamboat dinner at hai di lo, but I told her I'm already making roast.

So I invited her over then for dinner at my place.

I cook and she just eat la!


2.2kg of angus rib eye.

Marinated as per @mummytong recipe.

It's roasting in the oven now!!

Another angle cos I think it looks sexy la.

Cross fingers it's ok!!

I've roasted it for 25 mins at 240/250 degrees C already.

Now roasting at 150/160 degrees. Putting the timer at 50 mins first to see how it goes.

Took it out at 60 degrees and put it to rest.

Now it's slowly climbing up the heat!!

Ok maybe not too raw because friends husbands from China!!! 😳😳 @teeheehee

Made a simple salad with balsamic vinegarate. Top with pine nuts.

Rosemary infused beef gravy. Haha.

My Yorkshire pudding. Not as pretty as @tasteofmalaysia ones but it will do.

Sliced up roast beef.

@mummytong I think it's a success!!! 😘😘😘

My portion!!

Have a good end of 2014 everyone.

Looking forward to an exciting and prosperous year ahead.

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