Recipe: Mushroom & Green onion frittata

Le sigh.

My Unresurrectable jeans.

Should I throw it away, or hang it up as a reminder of my shame.

Mushroom & green onion frittata

πŸ“Œ8 white button mushrooms
πŸ“Œ1 tbsp oil
πŸ“Œsea salt and black pepper
πŸ“Œ4 green onions (scallions) sliced into 1/4 inch pieces
πŸ“Œ1/2 tsp dried thyme (optional)
πŸ“Œ8 eggs
πŸ“Œ2 tbsp full-fat milk (I use coconut milk due to my preference)


Preheat oven to 180β€’c

Slice mushroom into thin strips. In a large skillet which is oven safe, pour oil and cook mushroom about 10 minutes. Stir occasionally until they turn brown and release their moisture; season with salt and pepper.

Add green onions and dried thyme to the pan and cook for a minute.

In mixing bowl, whisk the eggs with the milk and season liberally with salt and pepper. Pour eggs into the skillet with the vege inside and cook for 2 minutes over medium heat.

Then transfer the skillet into the oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the eggs puff up and edges are brown and begin to pull away from the sides of the pan.

Cool and cut into serving pieces. This can serve me twice for 2 person.

If don't have oven safe skillet can fry the veg in normal frying pan then transfer everything into a oven safe dish and bake.

@kimmikim sorry late in typing recipe. Should be ok one bah. It's egg. I've not try to cook it all the way on the stove in the frying pan because I've a cast iron skillet. But eggs quite easy to cook right?

Picture to describe my love life??

Yes I think he does have a sweet mouth. But in real life not that sweet la.

I'm attracted to his wit more than anything else.

My first impression of him was he quite ugly la. So dark dark and look so "village" hahha.

Soon he started talking (he talks quite a lot and quite loudly). The rest is history la.

Breakfast today.

Mushroom and green onion frittata. Even though only had 2 hrs of sleep, I'm up and ready!!!

Going to work for a company event at Bollywood farm. @kimmikim what's interesting there already ah?

This was my face when a china dude was speaking to me in regards to where I bought my clothes. I think.

Because I only understood what he said about 30%. Fail chinese die me.

Dinner was trying to #portioncontrol.

Steam broccoli, leftover caulirice and italian sausage and peppers.

Actually full la. Been eating a lot all this while.

Ok everyone, I is milking isaac and going to sleep myself!!


Received a lovely surprise yesterday evening.

Made me smile from ear to ear.

From the land of fire and ice!!

The best part im still reading about the adventure on @kianga dayre.

So exciting.

When Isaac saw the ship on the post card, he quickly burst into the "row row row your boat song"

Well boats and ship all the same to him la. Sea vehicle. Same same but different.

His performance just for you! @kianga

Can't sleep

I think, me ripping my jeans whilst putting them on is taking a toll on my mental health.

That…and my nose being stuffed and ear being blocked.

Wah uphill battle. Need to be toned and need to be clear headed in order to be happy???

What is this man!!! Disappointed with self.

Went to work.

By 9am I couldn't stand it already.

Tied up some lose ends.

Otw back in a bus. Gonna see another dr and see what he/she says about the blocked ears and sore throat.


I feel so breathless.

Can't breathe.

Beginning of a flare.

Don't know from what. Redder than usual.

My membranes are all inflamed. Not leaky anymore but all swollen so I can't breath properly!

This morning I caved.

And gave in to Tamiflu which my company provides to its employees.

I think it's the placebo effect, but within that hour I felt marvelous again.

Happy to report after my essence of chicken and Manuka honey stunt, I've no more sore throat. Only leaky nose now.

Retching morning wake up call!!

Isaac woke us up with his retching this morning at 6am.

Having some electrolyte solution. It's frozen and I bluff him say it's ice cream.

He took 1 and the half packet of the solution. Hope he feels better after this.

I'm suspecting he is having side effect from my medication.

Went through my Breast milk.

Either that, or he is really sick too.

The vomitus is mainly quite phlegm like and thick.

But he keeps complaining of stomach ache. I think it's more nausea than stomach ache.

Yeay my Lara bar ordered from iherb is here.

Came with my coconut oil and coconut Aminos.

We are having Indian for dinner tonight.

Tandoori chicken with cauliflower briyani rice

Drinking essence of chicken

Surprisingly the warm liquid feels so good on my throat.

Hehe warming up the 2nd bottle now.

Wooo just swallowed 1 big tablespoon of raw Manuka honey.

Hope this soothing feeling last.

After the essence of chicken and this honey, I can actually yawn b stretch my tongue out without feeling painful.



Sobs. I've breakfast envy. Husbands chicken.

And my sad butternutsquash pancake. Bohooo. I think it's the last of it.

Came to office, felt like crap.

Went to see dr. Dr waiting line is 45mins. Went to get coffee. Omg saw nasi lemak packet. Omg saw 3 chicken wings for 4.30. Buy all!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Came back office, gave colleague half nasi lemak and a chicken wing. Gave another colleague another chicken wing.

Left 1 for me and half a nasi lemak packet.

I feel satisfied. Dunno from eating the nasi lemak or spreading the fattiness around.

My throat is killing me.

This morning I showed the husband my yellow green snot and mucous which I coughed out, he said "pls la don't need so drama"

Ok Lo. Wash up and go work lo.

On the bus I could barely open my eyes. Beh TAHAN already went downstairs to see our panel dr.

(Hence the nasi lemak packet) @kianga you would be proud. Your nasi lemak inception still fresh on my mind!

I can't hear! My ears feels clogged!

Nait nait. I go sleep first. Beh tahan.

Woke up at 4pm

Having my lunch now. #leftoverlunch

Burger with butternutsquash roasted as buns.

Went to a colleagues son wedding.

The theme was peacock!!

Super colorful. Drugged my self up and drag myself there. Glad I went. It was nice. Sat with other colleagues n chatted for a while.

Went back quite early as isaac gone crazy.

Good morning.

More butternutsquash pancakes.

Happy to report the baby was not in hysteric when we left for school/work.

Sat in his pram obediently. Said bye to neighbours car and said hello to the probosis monkey picture on a passing bus.

Think he is in an okay mood. Just not too smiley.

Celebrated one of our colleagues birthday again.

I totally carbo loaded. Had Kenny Rogers pot pie lunch set which came with 2 sides. Chose macaroni n cheese and garlic potatoes. First time cannot finish meal. Bcos it's sooo jelak.

I'm very full but not satisfied. I need my meat!!!

Hugging the maid like koala bear.

I think there was a passing jet and he got scared. Usually I don't see him that loving one la.


Collected flowers for the birthday girl today.

And saw this bouquet of flowers which is what I like. But it's 85 bucks!!! And only last 1 week?

Wah I don't think I'll be spending so much on fleeting beauties anytime soon. But I wouldn't mind receiving them once a while.

Hint hint to the husband!

Hi!! Selfie with mummy.

We will be doing LISS together.

And end it at the park!

Strapped him to the carrier with him sitting on the back.

Wohoo. We did 30mins at 6km/h (almost la with traffic and all)

Mum got to work out and isaac bonded with mummy.

He did a running commentary to EVERYTHING he saw.

Luckily I carried his water bottle around. I think he might be thirsty from talking for 30mins.

Weheeee. Arrived at the park.

Gallopy gallopy on the horse we go!

Dinner tonight. I finished the whole thing.

Italian sausage and peppers.

Just saw this!!

Isaacs master piece from school.

They made Chinese New Year decor lantern.

So nice ah 😍😍😍😍

Butternutsquash pancake for breakfast.

Very filing! Because it's just butternutsquash, eggs, almond flour and some spice.

Still prefer meat based breakfast though.

As usual the baby didn't wan to go school.

First thing he said when he opened his eyes was "I don't want to go school"

The father woke him up today at 6.50am, yet was still grumpy and grouchy. Just like the mom 😝😝😝


2 pieces Cinnamon grilled pork chop and simple spinach salad.

Oh look at the little boss today.

Lazing around like a little King.


Dinner today.

Sesame lemon chicken thighs with steamed broccoli.



My cny loot from asos arrived today!! So happy!!

First internet shoes!!

@chatoyant I think you'll be proud of me!

Good morning, breakfast today.

I feel like I haven't slept much 😴😴😴😴😴

Worse day for isaac ever!!!

Cried and scream from taking his shower all the way to my traffic light intersection where we part.

Refused to sit on the pram and literally legs flailing and screamed his head off.

Afraid he was gonna fall off the pram so I carried him first.

When I bid him good bye, he actually calmed down and said bye to me and blew me a kiss. And said see you later, gator.

But when maid tried to put him in the pram he screamed again. I didn't see him, but could hear him!

Definitely he woke up on the wrong side of the bed!!

If you saw a screaming boy carried by the maid past United square, pls don't mind him. Not too sure what's going on too!!

Maybe tomorrow try waking him up at 6.50 am instead.


Satay skewers and simple salad.


Saw him having lunch around 1.40pm. Sitting in the adult chair, being a nuisance.

See la, see la. Still in his uniform.

Rebellious caveman!

Wah saw this on my way home.

No need go orchard already!!! No need to leave novena area.

I like this.

Dinner today

Close up of chorizo burger with spiced caramelized onions on top of butterhead lettuce & butternut squash "buns"

Side of avocado.

I haz exercise today!!!

I feel a little bit stronger today compared to 4 months ago.

I feel the PT has really helped me spot my posture tremendously. Very useful sessions.

But. No budget to continue la.

Even if I do, maybe in March I'll take up his offer.

What say you guys??? Continue PT or not?

Yeah. Isaac slept at 8.30pm.

Here's hoping he has enough sleep and tomorrow will not be me grumpy.

Told the helper will wake him abit later tomorrow about 6.50am.
Eat breakfast. Told her to make half his usual portion.
Then just wipe him down no need to shower wash hair all. Maybe around 7.15am. Should be ready and out the house by 7.30am.

Tomorrow's breakfast is ready.

Meal prep so won't be rushed in the morning.

Butternut squash pancake.

Turkey jerky recipe

Pizza for breakfast anyone??

Isaac woke me up with his cough around 3.30am. But luckily there was no more puking.

This morning at 6.30am, checked his temperature and there was no fever, so got him ready for school.

You would think that with 4 days of rest he will be raring to go to school!

Nah. Ate his breakfast reluctantly. Cried whilst getting dressed. Made some funny sound and when I ask him was that a goat sound. He said "nooo, it's sheep"

So cheeky ah this boy.

Bundled him up and off to school he went.


More ribs and simple salad.

Stalked him.

Eating lunch at 1.30pm. I guess must have fell asleep on the pram ride home and just woken up to eat.

Cinnamon braised pork for dinner.

#portioncontrol win


Chili-garlic Jerky

πŸ“Œ1/2 cup hot sauce
πŸ“Œjuice of 1 lime
πŸ“Œ1 tsp granulated garlic
πŸ“Œ1/2 tsp sea salt

πŸ“Œ1kg turkey breast (frozen 1-2hrs for easy slicing)

πŸ“ In medium bowl, whisk together marinade ingredients. Taste and if you want the taste stronger, you can adjust seasoning.
πŸ“Remove turkey breast from freezer and cut against grain very thinly, about 1/8 inch with sharp knife.
πŸ“Marinade sliced meat and refrigerate overnight.
πŸ“Preheat oven to 90β€’C.

πŸ“Place meat over baking racks on top of foil lined baking sheets.
πŸ“Remove meat from refrigerator and place on racks 1/2 inch apart. Bake for 3-4 hours or until jerky reached desired level of dryness. It will harden a bit more once it cools.
πŸ“Alternately, if you have dehydrator, you can dehydrate on low for 3-4 hours.
πŸ“Store refrigerated in air tight container up to 2 weeks.

Mine is finishing already cannot last 1 week also!

@zeenoda my turkey jerky recipe πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

Find the cleanest ingredient hot sauce as possible. No sugar ones. I'm a bit slack so I just use normal Tabasco sauce.

Went crazy at La Senza

Bought 3 bras and 3 bottoms.

Don't know how much I spent exactly yet as one of my colleague paid first.

It's her birthday month, so it's 50% off and another 10% off because she used OCBC bank card.

Heng ah!!

And I can put my nasi lemak packet nursing bras to storage already.

Now can concentrate and be sexy & hot mom (SAHM). How I wish I can be the actual SAHM misnomer.

Ahhh, I'll take what I can get.

Sunday, Nuaday

Spot something that doesn't look right in this picture.

Had a hard time getting him to shower.

For breakfast, he ate oats in the adult dining chair, so he climbed up and down as he please.

I'm so tired by 10am.

Pretty soon it was lunch time already.

So I made him dairy free, egg free, gluten free spaghetti. Aglio olio style. With pork and corn.

Whilst I was cooking it, he requested to watch, so had to let him sit in his high chair next to me.

And he was salivating when I cooked.

Manage to finish it all the spaghetti minus all the pork bits.

Luckily the dad came back after rounds at 12.15ish and I forced the meat down the dads throat.

And for lunch, the adults had leftover home made beef satay.


Burp… Now just chilling.

Trying to get isaac to sleep by latching but he is too busy playing.

Still has mega snot flowing out. Thank god it looks clear.

Coughing intermittently too.

Finally asleep.

When he wakes up, mummy and daddy will be taking him out, to coffee place. Cos I WANT GOOD KOPI!!

Still hungry at 2pm. Having some leftover carrot ginger soup

Bad mom

Just now he ask for strawberries, his fav fruit in the whole world (currently). So what did the awesomest mom do??

She mad a slit within the strawberry and stuffed half a chewable Panadol in 2 of the fruit.
Omg should have seen his face.

Chew chew chew… Stop chewing …. Face contorted to a hideous contortion. Shudder in disgust and spat the berry out.

I think I ruined strawberries for him.

Back at his favorite chicken rice shop again.

Both mom & dad are just waiting for him to eat.

Hands on father doing his hands on thing.
Mummy busy dayreing. Haha

Wahh!! Cough until vomit

@cleochong can join Colette in the cough until vomit club.

Oh man… Already so skinny now if keep coughing until vomit, he'll whittle down to skin and bones in no time.

Checked his temperature, lucky no fever. Just very bad cough and congested nose.

@delight get well soon too Nate!!!

Isaac kor kor has really a lot of resting up to do.

Hope the bug will pass soooonnnnn!!!

On the Mrt back from PT session. Do some stalking.

Having his morning snack of chocolate gluten free, egg free & fairy free cookies.


He is still having fever. And manage to get him to eat the chewable Panadol yesterday. But fever didn't go down.

Runny snot all over his face.

Having my brunch of leftover ribs and black coffee.

I wanna eat home the whole day. Haha

Still hungers!!!!

Snacking on my turkey jerky.

Re toasted it so that it will actually look like jerky.

Mmmm so sweet, I like!!

Brothers Toffee Apple cider.

To ease my doms after 2 day work out.

How la to be lean and clean like this???

Pizza frittata for breakfast.

Your eyes, gaze, eyes eyes eyes.

Serhon take note, I think you've a competitor. Hehe.


Isaac didn't go to school today just to let him recuperate. He had a normal temperature reading this morning but we thought just let him rest. Plus his school has so much HFMD & chicken pox going around.

Just a case of bad luck.

Resistance session with colleague

A colleague of mine came over after work and we did a #bbg work out session. Dam killer. She's a slave driver!!

After our 4sets of movements 7 mins each, she ask me to do 40 more ab bikes and 10 sit up crunch n leg raise.

By the end of it I almost puked. OMG!!!

And tomorrow I've a PT session Sumore. I think maybe have to work out harder. Been too easy on myself. Heheh

Dinner today!

Grilled spiced pork chop and cook out coleslaw with NO mayo!!! U heard that right. Not bad ah, just seasoned with apple cider vinegar. Hehe.

#portioncontrolwin today!!


Last of the no oats banana vanilla oatmeal. Sprinkle generously with almond flakes for added crunch.

Isaac is better today

He woke up about 6.45am in such a good mood.

Asked to go outside and play train.

Ate his oats and bananas in an orderly fashion.

Even tapped his fingers and jigged his head to a Kylie minagoue song playing on the radio whilst loudly proclaiming "I like songgg!!!"

Took his shower with not much of a fuss except when taking his clothes off, he was making a show off peeling of his buttons on the pyjamas Onesies. At one point, he even went "helpppp, helppp me! I cannot take out buttons!"

Brought paleo snacks to office today

Turkey jerky was made yesterday. But it didn't turn out like a jerky. It just looked like a cooked piece of meat.

Think the turkey breast was sliced too thick!

Nvm. Anything to stave off my hungry. Better than snacking on chocolates.

Wow still stuck in the bus.

I've been on this stretch of Newton Road for the past 20 minutes. Stuck starting from Hotel Royal and now only reaching the Newton Life Church stop.

Fuuuuu. Late for work it is.

No idea what's causing the jam. Very unusual

What the BBQ!!!!

Just saw this on Twitter!!

No wonder la!!!!!

I'm still only at ION there after 45mins!

@calistallicious I'm on a bus ride from hell today!!


Chicken fingers and salad

I was on Facebook bcos had notification that I had pics of isaac tag. So went and had a look.

Then the principal Facebook msg me and we had a little chat.

So sweet of her to enquire bout isaac and complimented him too!!

Our sweet little boy. Who is actually a scaredy cat at heart. Hehe.

So his fever was at 38.4 just now.

Still has runny nose.

Here he is drinking his Zrytec. A little reluctance in the middle of his 5mls medicine, but he push through to finish it!

What a lovely piece of salmon.

Baked with lemon and smothered with tzatziki sauce made from coconut and cucumber. Very refreshing. Roasted carrots are so sweet too!!

My portion for dinner today.


Checking his own temperature.

Haha. Ini memang anak dukturrr

Toddler down.

Good morning!!!

Fruit monster stole daddies fruit today. And it was super sour plum!!

Hahha see the face!!

Too cute!!!

Beginning of sourness. Lols

Whilst mummy had the last of the skillet hash with eggs!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Looks like we will be flying back for CNY

Serhon stayed up past midnight for an hour plus trying to buy bus tickets for our journey Back.

The website kept crashing (must be all the same like minded Malaysians logging on to the website at the same time).

So after 1.5hrs he gave up n went to bed.

This morning out of desperation, he began searching for plane tickets.

Silkair was reasonable priced vs budget air lines, so he bought it.

Mama @maryannsee I'm coming home on 14 February afternoon instead!!

Oh dear, got to change

My dental appointment!

Playing with penguins.

Isaac school has informed us that as of last week there are 3 cases of HFMD and 1 suspect case of chicken pox.


The principal ask us to keep a watch out for sign and symptoms for it!!!

Cross fingers all kids will be ok

Looks so tall here.

Took him out for a walk. Climb the outer stairs of novena medical center. At least there were not many ppl to pass his flu/fever too.

He looked worse for the wear when I came back for work. Checked his temperature, it was 38.7-39.

Ok, no school for you tomorrow!! We shall skip it.

Dinner tonight.

Home made beef satay skewers with no-peanut sauce.

Attempt to #portioncontrol

Looks like Gonna be a rough night

We got a toddler who is not feeling well.

Wish me luck!!!

Gonna boob him the whole night.

The clingyness has started.

It's 7.40 pm now.

I've not had a shower yet.

@cleochong kong out liow.

With nose drippings and blocked passage way.

Very warm too.

He didn't even latch to sleep.

Wet towel works wonders

Fever is now down to 37.5 degrees at 9pm

Yup, he is still on my chest.

Just informed the principal of the school that Isaac will not be coming in tomorrow.

Resting up, hopefully will boost his immune system.

Thank you for the food today

Vanilla bean no-oatmeal porridge.

Good morning.

Still sleepyyyy

Say a little prayer

Last night when we were eating dinner, Isaac suddenly said

"Thank you for the food today"

So cute!!! 😍😍😍 must have picked it up at school. I'm really happy with this school. Teachers are sooooo nice. Even at every class, the overall feel is of "second home"

Then the daddy (who is abit slow on the uptake) said to Isaac,

"Your welcome"

Wtf daddy!!! He was saying a prayer before his meal!!

Tell me, isn't the dad abit …. Duh. Hahaha.

The maid also laugh.

I think breakfast not enough ah.

Snacking on lotus seed now.

Yesterday's ribs and simple salad


Ya its a lot, but I told the maid to give me the whole slab. Because I'm greedy and I know my colleagues would want some.

This was how much I ate.

Colleague ate 3-4 pieces haha.

Pig die me.

No #stalkermomseries update

Because the cctv was down the whole day.

I came back and there he was, his cheery self.

Ooh the teacher told the maid that he said "I don't like fried rice".

He didn't finish his meal at school!! So young can say don't like ah.

So funny can tell the teacher and the teacher told my maid.

At least he didn't cry buckets today.

Dinner today.

Home made chicken strips. Made with chicken breast, coated with Cajun + pepper+salt+ garlic + onions and almond flour.

Dipped in coconut milk with Tabasco sauce. Then re-rolled with the dry ingredients above.

Baked till done.

Eaten with salad and home made no-honey mustard sauce.

GM of my company leaving.

Just got news today that the GM of my company is leaving.

In my 10 months year, I've had like 2 different direct bosses and 2 head of department leaving.

Looks like a bad company from the outside with all the moving senior leadership team, but on the contrary, it's doing great!!

Very dynamic ah this company!!

Maybe our 360 survey really does work and prick it where it hurts the most.

More breakfast hash!!!

Good morning. I feel like I haven't slept much. So tired.

I caved, and bought a cute lunch box. It was on sale about 30%. Still a little expensive but couldn't help it.

I do carry my lunch everyday to work, so I thought I deserved a treat. πŸ˜‹

I also put my freezing element and milk bottle with my milk collecting parts.

Now I look cute and neat when carrying my supplies to work

2nd week in school for Isaac

The helper pramed him and I walked along side him this morning.

And I bid him good bye at the traffic light intersection.

He just gave me a "meh" smile when I took a turn to the right to head to my bus stop and he to the left, onwards to school.

But when we were at home minutes go, he was screaming not wanting to go school. I think he just didn't wan to eat and shower so early in the morning.

Otherwise no issue!

Hehe picture of inside the cooler bag.

Fits 2 Tupperware which came with the bag and inside is my food.

And the 2 bottles and milk collecting part. The cooling element I've put in the freezer but all can fit inside!!


Leftover lemon, artichoke and capers chicken with simple salad no dressing.

Texas steakhouse rubbed pork ribs for dinner today.

Portion tonight.

Then I added 50% more of the ribs. Haha hungrehhh


It's only 6 days and it looks like I went through A warZone, digging trenches.


Isaac was inconsolable in school today

Apparently 30 minutes before school ended, he cried and cried and cried for no reason.

When the maid picked him up from school, the teacher asked her what was his nap time.

Usually from 12pm onwards.

They then deduced that he was very sleepy and couldn't "shut down" in school.

Maid thinks he is super hungry too but cannot ask for food in school. I think he also don't know how to tell the teachers that he was hungry and sleepy.

Poor boy!!

But when I came back home from work, he was soooo happy to see me and back to his cheery self.

Maybe he felt ill at school.

I think his coming down with a major cold. His nose is block and abit of rashes appearing near his eyes.

Sophie’s birthday and First dayre meet up this year!

Good morning!! Isaac woke up at 7.20am today and ask to play.

Eating oats whilst playing.

Mummy had her skillet hash with an egg on it. Super yums.

At 9.00am refuse to shower.

Cried and cried and cried till he vomit.

Chose a shirt, don't like it. Cried and cried and cried till he vomit.

Ask to wear pull up pants. Do t like it. So cried and cried and cried till he vomit.

Thank god I ate something already to fortify me mentally.

Not sure what's up with this boy. Woke up happy then got crazy.

Must be the dam penguins.

On another note, I found a Choo Choo train in my bag on Friday.

Checked my bag before going to work and isaac must have put it in there to bring to school.

Stealthily took it out and hide it. Hehe.

Cooking herbal soup for isaacs mee sua.

Hopes he likes it!!

Come mummy, quick!!!

Let's go to Sophie's birthday party. We don't wanna be late!

Cake, cupcakes, rocky roads and marshmallows.

They are all so pretty!!!

Looks dam nice on photos too!!! @shalinho great effort there!!!

Too pretty. Deserves another shot just because!

Isaac was sitting under the slide, waiting for new friends to accompany him.

Oh hello Rita.

Is he really your cousin @shalinho ???

Isaac made a new friend.


This is so much fun. Going down the slide.

The balloon guy made a blue teddy bear for isaac.

Only blue he likes. Was chasing around a blue balloon too.

Then we sang Sophie the happy birthday song!!

So cute la she, trying to blow the candle too.

Group photo before we left.

Thanks for having us @shalinho

Isaac had a good time and it was nice meeting you, Sophie and Matt!!

Clearly had too much fun.

Luckily we left before he had a meltdown!!

Sleeping soundly yet he was still clutching on to his teddy tightly.

Simple dinner tonight.

Will be having seared sirloin steak. Marinated with Texan steakhouse seasoning because I malas to do my own seasoning.

Going straight to heaven with this grass fed meat seared in butter. Wohooo.

Portion today. Truffle sauce on the side.

I hope I'm full after this! Haha

Good morning. It's 10am and I slept in after waking much earlier than usual for the past week. 😝😝

Leftover meatloaf with butterhead lettuce and black coffee no sugar.

Imma gonna be conscious today about my sweets intake and not eat anything with sugar. And trying to avoid dairy.

Lunch. Beef set.

Got cheese there. So dairy fail. Haha.

But still no sugar.

Hello everyone!!

See, see my spectacular fall from grace.

Yes, I manage to keep my coffee black and unsweetened.

But see at the side there. It's a bloody caramel tart from Maison Kayser.

How to refuse you tell me!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Ok ok, dinner eat cleaner.

Went to the gym for a short while.

And I tell you, everyone is having an OFF day la.

When I arrived and entered the ladies changing room, I could hear all the staff scrambling to call an ambulance. Someone must have fainted/collapse in the ladies. Counter staff was paging for her husband/partner for half an hour and he didn't appear!!

Well I trudge on, pushing metal to the pedal (or was it pedal to the metal). And suddenly, I hear this guys 2 machine away from me complaining angrily.

He was scolding the staff for showing a

Documentary on TV on land mines victim. It was showing the dude whose legs got blown off, quite gory la and they keep panning to his blown off feet wtf.

Admittedly I also lost my focus on the machine. Pretty gross la. But I didn't get sooooo offended like that dude 2 machines away.

He was really giving it to the staff. Of course the fitness staff apologized profusely and quickly change he channel, but really it's just channel 5 showing the content. Not like California fitness stuff purposel

Go and fix the content of the TV show right??

So after 45mins cannot tahan already la. Lost motivation and chuck!

Alright. Dinner today is our home made lamb burgers
With all the trimmings.

Isaacs 5th day

Breakfast of carrot hash. Same as yesterday.


Being all grumpy because refuse to eat breakfast.

It was a quick drop off

Accompanied him to take his temperature, drop his bag in class, pass the food to the teacher.

And that's it.

No good bye hugs or kiss.

He was busy looking for the toys there already.

Also the teachers said bye and promptly close the sliding door. Haha.

Alright then. Looks like it's just me now.


Next week

I'll just let the helper bring him to school la.

I'll leave the house together and kiss him good bye at the traffic light of the crossing whilst he takes a left and me the right.

Better this way. I'll be early to work. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Yesterday's lamb burger and avoziki sauce.

He's back from school!!!

But over here he's crying his head off. I think he's dam hungry. Can hear the maid cooking food for him.


Fasterly, fasterly feed.

Auuummmm. Omnyomnyom

I think he's ok now with some food in his tummy.

Eating strawberries now for desserts.

Ahahha poor boy. Must be dam hungry.

Please sir, may I have some more!!'

I heard him asking her " I want some more!"

Eating Meiji crackers and playing toy now.

Aiyo no need to nap ah Isaac???

And constantly eating. Haha.

@hansumboi must take note.

Aiyo 3pm already still never nap!!!

Sure going to be cranky when I get home later.

Artichoke lemon chicken today.

My portion today. #portioncontrol

Full day school, alone.

Good morning!!! Breakfast of carrot hash

Mince meat, grated carrots, bacons n eggs.

Tried to give him Pau at school gates because refuse to eat at home.

Still spat it out.

Once they r let in then I'm going.

Ok he is safely in class now.


Gave him a kiss.


Handed over his food to his teacher (very important)



Picking up pace


I'm out the gatessss!!!!

I don't know if he cried.

I don't know if he called for me.

But I do know,

The teachers are very caring and responsible.

And I'm slightly late for work.


Meatloaf and simple salad with cherry tomatoes

He's back and had his lunch.

He looks happy!

Lamb burger with lettuce buns topped with avo ziki sauce.

Isaac 3rd Day of school.

Breakfast of onion n bacon quiche.

We all woke up a little late today.

Mummy, don't want to go school ah, only go to park.

Character story building time.

Bible story about being good.

Isaac was glued to the story telling. 😍😍😍

After listening to the bible story of being good, they learned how to take care of their hearts and have good thoughts by making a heart shape with pockets.

Inside the pockets, they stored all their good thoughts. Haha.

Then line up for some outdoor play!!!

Chose a car, but don't know how to push it.

Then tried on the pedal tricycle.

Still learning how to pedal.

Sat on the swing for a little bit.

Then all went on to the merry go round turntable.


Didn't take pictures anymore.

Parents were made to wait outside.

He played n listen the entire time in chinese class.

I tried to to peak.

Today the rest of the parents were better than yesterday. All stayed outside mostly.

After chinese class, they went back to their original class and painted using balloons. No idea what it was bcos busy talking to another parent.

The other parent boy has peanut allergy!!!! We got a friend now. Hehe

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping him off

And run out the gates of the kindergarten, shouting in glee with my new found FREEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMM!

Lunch today.

Leftover pecan crusted salmon, jicama fries and baby spinach.

Back to work.


My favorite umbrella that husband got for me in US has died.

I think it broke when I fell down yesterday in the rain. Slipped on the wet grates of the path way.

Knees R scrapped and luckily my ankles was ok.

But my poor umbrella!!!!!! It's an automated umbrella where it opens with a push of a button.

Where can I find a high tech umbrella anymore!!!

Chicken soup made with turkey bone broth for dinner.

Because we are all feeling abit under the weather.

I miss the times when dayre was more normal and the Internet had less bad lurkers.

I miss all the heart felt insights and all the writing that came out from your soul.

Faster come back!!! I know you are busy now but I still can say I miss.

Looking at all the baby boy pictures on dayre

And I look at my son, and it feels like just a moment ago that he was born.

I can still remember the wet n warm feeling when the dr placed him on my chest after helping him out.

And immediately the greedy fella latch on my boobies!! And he was still wet n bloody!!!

The love for boob is strong in this one.

I miss all the babyness in Isaac

I think I'm having baby fever.

Time to chart my ovulations, and like what @evelinegan grandma says, it's time to "yo"




Ok maybe not now but like mid year please???


HahahhAh. Still laughing to myself at what granny said.

Day 2 of school.

Worth the wait Crustless quiche. Caramelized onions and bacon inside.

Eaten with avocado

Today he told me

"Don't want to go school, ah!"

Bahahah. Never answered him.

After a bit of tears, and off we go.

Blehh to the world today.

Want to pull the covers over my eyes.

Surprisingly, today at school he was more interactive with the teacher.

Took toys, n played. Didn't look for me much.

Today sing song time was of old McDonald's.

Isaac got to hold a duck n go quack quack.

After singining old macdonalds time to paint some animals!!

Today's craft is dabbing paint on farm animals with toilet rolls.

Surprisingly allowed the teacher to put apron on him and coloured all the way. Got sound effect sumore "dab dab dab" he went.

Off to washing hands and to chinese class.

In the chinese class, all the parents were "banished" outside.

Surprisingly only 1 boy cried.

The rest of them happily dancing and singing in chinese.

Isaac totally forgot about me already. Wohoo. So glad he didn't look for me.

Quite independent la.

I thought he will be that boy who constantly cries and cling to me.

@yellojelloo only 2 girls in the afternoon session out of 4 kids.

Still very little girls ah!

Since I'm out waiting in the classroom, Dayre first.

I had a peep again.

NEVER look for me also!!!!

Busy playing. 😎😎😎

After I took this pic, he saw me and ran to the sliding door to find me.

Shitz. He cried like a banshee.

Teacher tried to console him. Cried for about 5 mins I think.

Dammit me for peeping. Haha. But I didn't go comfort him la although another mom told me he is crying and I said Ya I know cos he saw me when I peep in.

We had this beautiful baked salmon with pecan honey mustard crust on it for dinner.

Isaacs first day of school! Success!!

Morning, we all had an early morning.

Fortify with bacons, eggs and avocado.

Iced mocha at one man coffee

Loving their gas house eggs. The yolk is like runny porn. With a side of bacon jam. Really good!

Then shared a brioche French toast with salted caramel and banana.

Also had an additional long black

Faster faster get ready for school!!!!

Now this is a better pic!! All dressed up and hair gelled up!!!

We can go now mummy!

Come, let mummy help you with your bag.

Go go go. Praming to school in style.

Leopard pwints yo!!

First to arrive in school. Had to be there by 7.45am. We reached at 7.40am.

Waited until all class mate came which was till about 8.20am already.

I guess they gave allowance for first day as usually class starts at 8.00am.

First they had a roll call where their teacher had a break the ice session by calling everyone in class and giving them a sticker.

Then they stuck their name on to the walls to show their attendance.

Then teacher had a story telling time of a star followed by singing!

Part 1. Quite clever ah, to make stars, prompt them to sing twinkle twinkle.

Part 2.

After a little warming up only isaac started singing.

Then they had a craft session of dabbing paint onto the stars!

Dab inside here isaac.

Sorry bout my resting bitch face. Haha

Then line up to go wash hands!!

So happy get to "touch" water.

Wash all the paint off from the stars!

Back to class.

Quick, isaac, make your move on the only girl in class.

Go sit next to her!!

And line up again to go for chinese class next door!

In Chinese class, you learned the word Apple in chinese and coloured it in!!

As usual, you only pick blue coloured crayons. All the variations of blue. Pfftt. Pls isaac, Apple is red or green in colour la.

Nah, your master piece. Blue Apple!

Once done with colouring, the Chinese Lau shi then ask you all to play with more toys.

Here u were slicing up vegetables and pretending to eat them after.

It was a pretty intense first 2 hr of school.

After singing a good bye prayer song, we said bye to your friends and teacher.

But before we left, daddy had to teach your teachers how to use the epi-pen and the sing n symptoms of a reaction happening.

We also told her we will be brining your food over and not to eat food prepared by the school.

Teachers understood and will gladly assist.

Overall, it was a good first day.

No tears!! Only some blurness because too young to follow instructions!


Good memories made, well at least for mummy & daddy, we were glad u didn't throw tantrum n went all batshit crazy.

You loved school so much (Ya right) you even gave daddy a big thank you hug. Ahhaa

Let's go home now!!!


Ps: after 2 hours, your hair gel all gone!

On a side note, since I took the day off.

Went and arrange our bookshelf

Bottom 3 is all isaacs books!! Because we have no tv, he self entertains daily by pulling out random books and flipping through it.

The top shelf is our photos that we've printed out followed by 2 other shelf which holds me and serhons books.

Now, U can't see it, but I arrange by fiction and self help and recipe.

Then arrange by book height. Haha.

Today is meatloaf day Mexican style

Portion today. Eaten with avocado and baby spinach

Dam ugly.

Gave in to the harlot in me.

Don't judge.

Isaac is 30 months today

Like mother, like son.

Had lunch at ION saveur art.

Both of us took the 3-course lunch set at sgd37.

Came with complementary amuse bouche of potato skin bla bla soup. Lols.

My appetizer was really yums. Egg confit with truffle. It has roasted macadamia nuts and some other awesome stuff in it.

I took the black cod main. Delicate taste. Not bad.

And my dessers of chocolate lava cake with pistachio and peanut butter ice cream.

Meanwhile isaac was busy enjoying himself and kicking up a fuss.

Serhons pretty started of salmon confit. Mine tasted better.

But his mains dam awesome can!

Pork belly with some atas sauce.

And his cold dessert of vanilla parfait.

Demonstrating how cold the plate was πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Overall I though food was quite worth it and not terrible expensive.

The killer was the glass of wine which he ordered. It cost as much as a main dish!

We are all now chilling at home.

Isaac is taking his afternoon nap and so is the dad.

Hopefully the good weather holds up and we get to go gardens by the bay this evening!

We've prepared all his essential for first day of nursery tomorrow!!

Got his epi-pen ready, the anaphylaxis plan all tucked into the folder and Zrytec all labelled nicely.

We are here now @calistallicious

And isaac is having his Bakuteh by the bay.

The moon.

Few times here already, but still think it's nice.

Wow rush back at 9pm

Didn't realize it will be this late.

Need to rest early isaac got to wake up super early too!!

End the night with a short video of the light show.

Isaac freaked out and got scared.

The only song he liked was jingle bells.

Good morning everyone.

Having my local coffee thick n sweet with toast n half boil egg

Hehehe. Back here again for some cast iron waffles.

Sedap la their waffles here.

And our 3-D art cappuccino.

I got a cat and serhon got a dog!!


And failed sugar detox for a week now

Serhon was commenting that a aunty clinic assistant said that "from behind, you still look like a single person"

So he told her, yes, that's because he doesn't give birth and dressed up nicely by wife.

Both had a good laugh between them.

So I said, how bout me. He took a look at my ass and went "oh you, cannot already"

Thanks ah! 😞😞

Went randomly window shopping. Got sale just walked in n try.

Come i show u.


And cupcake with glitter icing.

Yuck. Needless to say didn't get any.

I really like this, but it's way too over priced, not on sale, and looked abit too sausagey. Haha.

Yes even I agree with serhon that "I cannot already la"

@chatoyant & @calistallicious fugly nails!!!

How come u all so patient can paint your nails so nice!!!

Anyway better don't paint. Monday got to bring son to first day kindy!!! Later rest of parent say I kihiau type.

We ain't going GBTB

Isaac projectile vomitted after having his dinner. We are worried he ate something he not ngam with.

So just hanging out around here.

Mummy & daddy hungry, hungry for Indian food. Off to United square we go for jalan Kayu mamak food.

Made isaac feel better by dressing him up.

This boy ah, I took out the belt for him and ask "want to wear?"

Straight away his face was beaming.

He dam metro la I think. Love to dress up. N can comment that some clothes r ugly etc.

My little poser and me.

OMG poser much??? Taken in the mamak place.

Saw mirror and so happy to see his handsome self. Oh Lordy!

Maggie goreng and fried chicken with Teh Tarik.

All the more to add to my comely frame. Hehe.

Shortly after having dinner my tummy was churning like mad.

Had to go! Had to go!!!!

Came back at 8pm and haz to go again!!!!

Seriously cannot take outside highly processed food!!

Thought of painting my toes after putting isaac to sleep.

But he slept at 10.30pm. And I'm too sleepy already after that to do anything.

Should have went GBTB

Saw on lee hsien Loong Facebook he was there today!!

So regret didn't gooooo!!!

If not I'll go shake his hand and selfie with him ok!!

First day back at work!

Let's see how long this plate of fruits for breakfast Gonna last me.

Guess who is stole my fruits to eat too!!

*fruit monster*

Aiyo 10.20am now. Feeling abit hungry already.

Spied on isaac a little bit.

Running around, busy busy busy playing.

Busy kaypoh here n there.

Don't know what he is digging.


More roast beef with truffle sauce. Sad salad with pine nuts at the side.

Really it's the pine nuts that saves the salad.

I'm dropping my pump now to once aday.

35mls today.

By March 2015, imma Gonna stop pumping n give my boobies a rest.

Will still continue to bf

Shrimp pad Thai for dinner today.

Pretending to be big boy seating on the adult seat n having his 2nd dinner. First dinner was at 5pm

But the problem with sitting in the normal adult chair is, he keeps wriggling free and running up n down, dancing to the music on the radio and getting books to read.

Hyper mode already.

Did my nails just it.

It was so ugly, I removed it.

Looked like I killed someone.

Will try again tomorrow