Happy new year 2015 everyone!!!

We will be taking things slow and just nua at home!

Now out for early lunch.

Lunch is of course japanese food and because isaac has to eat something right?

So he had teriyaki chicken.


Went to the gym for a short bit whilst isaac is napping.

My used to be decent exercise shorts was riding up when I was on the elliptical machine. It gave me a wedgie front and back la.

If this is not a sign for me to watch what I put in my body, then I dunno what la.

So Malu. Have to pull it down halfway.

Made for isaac beef slice mee sua.

Look so good right??

But he only ate half of it and didn't want the beef at all. Sigh. Oh well.

Guess what we made??

Our supply early dinner soaked in butter.

The left over roast beef, sliced up and put a block on cheese on it.

Bread is slathered with horseradish mustard sauce and truffle sauce.

Fried it over the melted butter.

Tried to appease our guilt with sad salad at the side.

Refuse mee sua, but see this plate of rice?

Dropped by toast box for our Kopi n the fella ask "order for me rice"

And rice u shall have, little one!

Ommnyomm nyom

Seriously, I don't know what's so nice about white rice. Ok this one is rice with coconut milk from the curry chicken set.

Must be very fragrant huh.

Shoe shopping

After success with the CFM shoes yesterday, today was a failure.

I still have not gotten my work shoes.

I detoured to Charles & Keith bcos it was having sales and bought me 3 pairs of flats/sandals.

They are not closed toe, court or pumps shoes.

Totally failed. I did spot something I like but they don't have my size. Sobs.

Might go hunting sumore this weekend hehe.

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