First day back at work!

Let's see how long this plate of fruits for breakfast Gonna last me.

Guess who is stole my fruits to eat too!!

*fruit monster*

Aiyo 10.20am now. Feeling abit hungry already.

Spied on isaac a little bit.

Running around, busy busy busy playing.

Busy kaypoh here n there.

Don't know what he is digging.


More roast beef with truffle sauce. Sad salad with pine nuts at the side.

Really it's the pine nuts that saves the salad.

I'm dropping my pump now to once aday.

35mls today.

By March 2015, imma Gonna stop pumping n give my boobies a rest.

Will still continue to bf

Shrimp pad Thai for dinner today.

Pretending to be big boy seating on the adult seat n having his 2nd dinner. First dinner was at 5pm

But the problem with sitting in the normal adult chair is, he keeps wriggling free and running up n down, dancing to the music on the radio and getting books to read.

Hyper mode already.

Did my nails just it.

It was so ugly, I removed it.

Looked like I killed someone.

Will try again tomorrow

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