Good morning everyone.

Having my local coffee thick n sweet with toast n half boil egg

Hehehe. Back here again for some cast iron waffles.

Sedap la their waffles here.

And our 3-D art cappuccino.

I got a cat and serhon got a dog!!


And failed sugar detox for a week now

Serhon was commenting that a aunty clinic assistant said that "from behind, you still look like a single person"

So he told her, yes, that's because he doesn't give birth and dressed up nicely by wife.

Both had a good laugh between them.

So I said, how bout me. He took a look at my ass and went "oh you, cannot already"

Thanks ah! šŸ˜žšŸ˜ž

Went randomly window shopping. Got sale just walked in n try.

Come i show u.


And cupcake with glitter icing.

Yuck. Needless to say didn't get any.

I really like this, but it's way too over priced, not on sale, and looked abit too sausagey. Haha.

Yes even I agree with serhon that "I cannot already la"

@chatoyant & @calistallicious fugly nails!!!

How come u all so patient can paint your nails so nice!!!

Anyway better don't paint. Monday got to bring son to first day kindy!!! Later rest of parent say I kihiau type.

We ain't going GBTB

Isaac projectile vomitted after having his dinner. We are worried he ate something he not ngam with.

So just hanging out around here.

Mummy & daddy hungry, hungry for Indian food. Off to United square we go for jalan Kayu mamak food.

Made isaac feel better by dressing him up.

This boy ah, I took out the belt for him and ask "want to wear?"

Straight away his face was beaming.

He dam metro la I think. Love to dress up. N can comment that some clothes r ugly etc.

My little poser and me.

OMG poser much??? Taken in the mamak place.

Saw mirror and so happy to see his handsome self. Oh Lordy!

Maggie goreng and fried chicken with Teh Tarik.

All the more to add to my comely frame. Hehe.

Shortly after having dinner my tummy was churning like mad.

Had to go! Had to go!!!!

Came back at 8pm and haz to go again!!!!

Seriously cannot take outside highly processed food!!

Thought of painting my toes after putting isaac to sleep.

But he slept at 10.30pm. And I'm too sleepy already after that to do anything.

Should have went GBTB

Saw on lee hsien Loong Facebook he was there today!!

So regret didn't gooooo!!!

If not I'll go shake his hand and selfie with him ok!!

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