Isaac is 30 months today

Like mother, like son.

Had lunch at ION saveur art.

Both of us took the 3-course lunch set at sgd37.

Came with complementary amuse bouche of potato skin bla bla soup. Lols.

My appetizer was really yums. Egg confit with truffle. It has roasted macadamia nuts and some other awesome stuff in it.

I took the black cod main. Delicate taste. Not bad.

And my dessers of chocolate lava cake with pistachio and peanut butter ice cream.

Meanwhile isaac was busy enjoying himself and kicking up a fuss.

Serhons pretty started of salmon confit. Mine tasted better.

But his mains dam awesome can!

Pork belly with some atas sauce.

And his cold dessert of vanilla parfait.

Demonstrating how cold the plate was 😅😅

Overall I though food was quite worth it and not terrible expensive.

The killer was the glass of wine which he ordered. It cost as much as a main dish!

We are all now chilling at home.

Isaac is taking his afternoon nap and so is the dad.

Hopefully the good weather holds up and we get to go gardens by the bay this evening!

We've prepared all his essential for first day of nursery tomorrow!!

Got his epi-pen ready, the anaphylaxis plan all tucked into the folder and Zrytec all labelled nicely.

We are here now @calistallicious

And isaac is having his Bakuteh by the bay.

The moon.

Few times here already, but still think it's nice.

Wow rush back at 9pm

Didn't realize it will be this late.

Need to rest early isaac got to wake up super early too!!

End the night with a short video of the light show.

Isaac freaked out and got scared.

The only song he liked was jingle bells.

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