Day 2 of school.

Worth the wait Crustless quiche. Caramelized onions and bacon inside.

Eaten with avocado

Today he told me

"Don't want to go school, ah!"

Bahahah. Never answered him.

After a bit of tears, and off we go.

Blehh to the world today.

Want to pull the covers over my eyes.

Surprisingly, today at school he was more interactive with the teacher.

Took toys, n played. Didn't look for me much.

Today sing song time was of old McDonald's.

Isaac got to hold a duck n go quack quack.

After singining old macdonalds time to paint some animals!!

Today's craft is dabbing paint on farm animals with toilet rolls.

Surprisingly allowed the teacher to put apron on him and coloured all the way. Got sound effect sumore "dab dab dab" he went.

Off to washing hands and to chinese class.

In the chinese class, all the parents were "banished" outside.

Surprisingly only 1 boy cried.

The rest of them happily dancing and singing in chinese.

Isaac totally forgot about me already. Wohoo. So glad he didn't look for me.

Quite independent la.

I thought he will be that boy who constantly cries and cling to me.

@yellojelloo only 2 girls in the afternoon session out of 4 kids.

Still very little girls ah!

Since I'm out waiting in the classroom, Dayre first.

I had a peep again.

NEVER look for me also!!!!

Busy playing. ğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜ŽğŸ˜Ž

After I took this pic, he saw me and ran to the sliding door to find me.

Shitz. He cried like a banshee.

Teacher tried to console him. Cried for about 5 mins I think.

Dammit me for peeping. Haha. But I didn't go comfort him la although another mom told me he is crying and I said Ya I know cos he saw me when I peep in.

We had this beautiful baked salmon with pecan honey mustard crust on it for dinner.

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