Isaacs first day of school! Success!!

Morning, we all had an early morning.

Fortify with bacons, eggs and avocado.

Iced mocha at one man coffee

Loving their gas house eggs. The yolk is like runny porn. With a side of bacon jam. Really good!

Then shared a brioche French toast with salted caramel and banana.

Also had an additional long black

Faster faster get ready for school!!!!

Now this is a better pic!! All dressed up and hair gelled up!!!

We can go now mummy!

Come, let mummy help you with your bag.

Go go go. Praming to school in style.

Leopard pwints yo!!

First to arrive in school. Had to be there by 7.45am. We reached at 7.40am.

Waited until all class mate came which was till about 8.20am already.

I guess they gave allowance for first day as usually class starts at 8.00am.

First they had a roll call where their teacher had a break the ice session by calling everyone in class and giving them a sticker.

Then they stuck their name on to the walls to show their attendance.

Then teacher had a story telling time of a star followed by singing!

Part 1. Quite clever ah, to make stars, prompt them to sing twinkle twinkle.

Part 2.

After a little warming up only isaac started singing.

Then they had a craft session of dabbing paint onto the stars!

Dab inside here isaac.

Sorry bout my resting bitch face. Haha

Then line up to go wash hands!!

So happy get to "touch" water.

Wash all the paint off from the stars!

Back to class.

Quick, isaac, make your move on the only girl in class.

Go sit next to her!!

And line up again to go for chinese class next door!

In Chinese class, you learned the word Apple in chinese and coloured it in!!

As usual, you only pick blue coloured crayons. All the variations of blue. Pfftt. Pls isaac, Apple is red or green in colour la.

Nah, your master piece. Blue Apple!

Once done with colouring, the Chinese Lau shi then ask you all to play with more toys.

Here u were slicing up vegetables and pretending to eat them after.

It was a pretty intense first 2 hr of school.

After singing a good bye prayer song, we said bye to your friends and teacher.

But before we left, daddy had to teach your teachers how to use the epi-pen and the sing n symptoms of a reaction happening.

We also told her we will be brining your food over and not to eat food prepared by the school.

Teachers understood and will gladly assist.

Overall, it was a good first day.

No tears!! Only some blurness because too young to follow instructions!


Good memories made, well at least for mummy & daddy, we were glad u didn't throw tantrum n went all batshit crazy.

You loved school so much (Ya right) you even gave daddy a big thank you hug. Ahhaa

Let's go home now!!!


Ps: after 2 hours, your hair gel all gone!

On a side note, since I took the day off.

Went and arrange our bookshelf

Bottom 3 is all isaacs books!! Because we have no tv, he self entertains daily by pulling out random books and flipping through it.

The top shelf is our photos that we've printed out followed by 2 other shelf which holds me and serhons books.

Now, U can't see it, but I arrange by fiction and self help and recipe.

Then arrange by book height. Haha.

Today is meatloaf day Mexican style

Portion today. Eaten with avocado and baby spinach

Dam ugly.

Gave in to the harlot in me.

Don't judge.

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