Isaac 3rd Day of school.

Breakfast of onion n bacon quiche.

We all woke up a little late today.

Mummy, don't want to go school ah, only go to park.

Character story building time.

Bible story about being good.

Isaac was glued to the story telling. 😍😍😍

After listening to the bible story of being good, they learned how to take care of their hearts and have good thoughts by making a heart shape with pockets.

Inside the pockets, they stored all their good thoughts. Haha.

Then line up for some outdoor play!!!

Chose a car, but don't know how to push it.

Then tried on the pedal tricycle.

Still learning how to pedal.

Sat on the swing for a little bit.

Then all went on to the merry go round turntable.


Didn't take pictures anymore.

Parents were made to wait outside.

He played n listen the entire time in chinese class.

I tried to to peak.

Today the rest of the parents were better than yesterday. All stayed outside mostly.

After chinese class, they went back to their original class and painted using balloons. No idea what it was bcos busy talking to another parent.

The other parent boy has peanut allergy!!!! We got a friend now. Hehe

Tomorrow, I'll be dropping him off

And run out the gates of the kindergarten, shouting in glee with my new found FREEEEDOMMMMMMMMMMM!

Lunch today.

Leftover pecan crusted salmon, jicama fries and baby spinach.

Back to work.


My favorite umbrella that husband got for me in US has died.

I think it broke when I fell down yesterday in the rain. Slipped on the wet grates of the path way.

Knees R scrapped and luckily my ankles was ok.

But my poor umbrella!!!!!! It's an automated umbrella where it opens with a push of a button.

Where can I find a high tech umbrella anymore!!!

Chicken soup made with turkey bone broth for dinner.

Because we are all feeling abit under the weather.

I miss the times when dayre was more normal and the Internet had less bad lurkers.

I miss all the heart felt insights and all the writing that came out from your soul.

Faster come back!!! I know you are busy now but I still can say I miss.

Looking at all the baby boy pictures on dayre

And I look at my son, and it feels like just a moment ago that he was born.

I can still remember the wet n warm feeling when the dr placed him on my chest after helping him out.

And immediately the greedy fella latch on my boobies!! And he was still wet n bloody!!!

The love for boob is strong in this one.

I miss all the babyness in Isaac

I think I'm having baby fever.

Time to chart my ovulations, and like what @evelinegan grandma says, it's time to "yo"




Ok maybe not now but like mid year please???


HahahhAh. Still laughing to myself at what granny said.

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