Full day school, alone.

Good morning!!! Breakfast of carrot hash

Mince meat, grated carrots, bacons n eggs.

Tried to give him Pau at school gates because refuse to eat at home.

Still spat it out.

Once they r let in then I'm going.

Ok he is safely in class now.


Gave him a kiss.


Handed over his food to his teacher (very important)



Picking up pace


I'm out the gatessss!!!!

I don't know if he cried.

I don't know if he called for me.

But I do know,

The teachers are very caring and responsible.

And I'm slightly late for work.


Meatloaf and simple salad with cherry tomatoes

He's back and had his lunch.

He looks happy!

Lamb burger with lettuce buns topped with avo ziki sauce.

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