Isaacs 5th day

Breakfast of carrot hash. Same as yesterday.


Being all grumpy because refuse to eat breakfast.

It was a quick drop off

Accompanied him to take his temperature, drop his bag in class, pass the food to the teacher.

And that's it.

No good bye hugs or kiss.

He was busy looking for the toys there already.

Also the teachers said bye and promptly close the sliding door. Haha.

Alright then. Looks like it's just me now.


Next week

I'll just let the helper bring him to school la.

I'll leave the house together and kiss him good bye at the traffic light of the crossing whilst he takes a left and me the right.

Better this way. I'll be early to work. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Yesterday's lamb burger and avoziki sauce.

He's back from school!!!

But over here he's crying his head off. I think he's dam hungry. Can hear the maid cooking food for him.


Fasterly, fasterly feed.

Auuummmm. Omnyomnyom

I think he's ok now with some food in his tummy.

Eating strawberries now for desserts.

Ahahha poor boy. Must be dam hungry.

Please sir, may I have some more!!'

I heard him asking her " I want some more!"

Eating Meiji crackers and playing toy now.

Aiyo no need to nap ah Isaac???

And constantly eating. Haha.

@hansumboi must take note.

Aiyo 3pm already still never nap!!!

Sure going to be cranky when I get home later.

Artichoke lemon chicken today.

My portion today. #portioncontrol

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