Good morning. It's 10am and I slept in after waking much earlier than usual for the past week. 😝😝

Leftover meatloaf with butterhead lettuce and black coffee no sugar.

Imma gonna be conscious today about my sweets intake and not eat anything with sugar. And trying to avoid dairy.

Lunch. Beef set.

Got cheese there. So dairy fail. Haha.

But still no sugar.

Hello everyone!!

See, see my spectacular fall from grace.

Yes, I manage to keep my coffee black and unsweetened.

But see at the side there. It's a bloody caramel tart from Maison Kayser.

How to refuse you tell me!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Ok ok, dinner eat cleaner.

Went to the gym for a short while.

And I tell you, everyone is having an OFF day la.

When I arrived and entered the ladies changing room, I could hear all the staff scrambling to call an ambulance. Someone must have fainted/collapse in the ladies. Counter staff was paging for her husband/partner for half an hour and he didn't appear!!

Well I trudge on, pushing metal to the pedal (or was it pedal to the metal). And suddenly, I hear this guys 2 machine away from me complaining angrily.

He was scolding the staff for showing a

Documentary on TV on land mines victim. It was showing the dude whose legs got blown off, quite gory la and they keep panning to his blown off feet wtf.

Admittedly I also lost my focus on the machine. Pretty gross la. But I didn't get sooooo offended like that dude 2 machines away.

He was really giving it to the staff. Of course the fitness staff apologized profusely and quickly change he channel, but really it's just channel 5 showing the content. Not like California fitness stuff purposel

Go and fix the content of the TV show right??

So after 45mins cannot tahan already la. Lost motivation and chuck!

Alright. Dinner today is our home made lamb burgers
With all the trimmings.

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