More breakfast hash!!!

Good morning. I feel like I haven't slept much. So tired.

I caved, and bought a cute lunch box. It was on sale about 30%. Still a little expensive but couldn't help it.

I do carry my lunch everyday to work, so I thought I deserved a treat. ๐Ÿ˜‹

I also put my freezing element and milk bottle with my milk collecting parts.

Now I look cute and neat when carrying my supplies to work

2nd week in school for Isaac

The helper pramed him and I walked along side him this morning.

And I bid him good bye at the traffic light intersection.

He just gave me a "meh" smile when I took a turn to the right to head to my bus stop and he to the left, onwards to school.

But when we were at home minutes go, he was screaming not wanting to go school. I think he just didn't wan to eat and shower so early in the morning.

Otherwise no issue!

Hehe picture of inside the cooler bag.

Fits 2 Tupperware which came with the bag and inside is my food.

And the 2 bottles and milk collecting part. The cooling element I've put in the freezer but all can fit inside!!


Leftover lemon, artichoke and capers chicken with simple salad no dressing.

Texas steakhouse rubbed pork ribs for dinner today.

Portion tonight.

Then I added 50% more of the ribs. Haha hungrehhh


It's only 6 days and it looks like I went through A warZone, digging trenches.


Isaac was inconsolable in school today

Apparently 30 minutes before school ended, he cried and cried and cried for no reason.

When the maid picked him up from school, the teacher asked her what was his nap time.

Usually from 12pm onwards.

They then deduced that he was very sleepy and couldn't "shut down" in school.

Maid thinks he is super hungry too but cannot ask for food in school. I think he also don't know how to tell the teachers that he was hungry and sleepy.

Poor boy!!

But when I came back home from work, he was soooo happy to see me and back to his cheery self.

Maybe he felt ill at school.

I think his coming down with a major cold. His nose is block and abit of rashes appearing near his eyes.

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