Sophie’s birthday and First dayre meet up this year!

Good morning!! Isaac woke up at 7.20am today and ask to play.

Eating oats whilst playing.

Mummy had her skillet hash with an egg on it. Super yums.

At 9.00am refuse to shower.

Cried and cried and cried till he vomit.

Chose a shirt, don't like it. Cried and cried and cried till he vomit.

Ask to wear pull up pants. Do t like it. So cried and cried and cried till he vomit.

Thank god I ate something already to fortify me mentally.

Not sure what's up with this boy. Woke up happy then got crazy.

Must be the dam penguins.

On another note, I found a Choo Choo train in my bag on Friday.

Checked my bag before going to work and isaac must have put it in there to bring to school.

Stealthily took it out and hide it. Hehe.

Cooking herbal soup for isaacs mee sua.

Hopes he likes it!!

Come mummy, quick!!!

Let's go to Sophie's birthday party. We don't wanna be late!

Cake, cupcakes, rocky roads and marshmallows.

They are all so pretty!!!

Looks dam nice on photos too!!! @shalinho great effort there!!!

Too pretty. Deserves another shot just because!

Isaac was sitting under the slide, waiting for new friends to accompany him.

Oh hello Rita.

Is he really your cousin @shalinho ???

Isaac made a new friend.


This is so much fun. Going down the slide.

The balloon guy made a blue teddy bear for isaac.

Only blue he likes. Was chasing around a blue balloon too.

Then we sang Sophie the happy birthday song!!

So cute la she, trying to blow the candle too.

Group photo before we left.

Thanks for having us @shalinho

Isaac had a good time and it was nice meeting you, Sophie and Matt!!

Clearly had too much fun.

Luckily we left before he had a meltdown!!

Sleeping soundly yet he was still clutching on to his teddy tightly.

Simple dinner tonight.

Will be having seared sirloin steak. Marinated with Texan steakhouse seasoning because I malas to do my own seasoning.

Going straight to heaven with this grass fed meat seared in butter. Wohooo.

Portion today. Truffle sauce on the side.

I hope I'm full after this! Haha

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