Thank you for the food today

Vanilla bean no-oatmeal porridge.

Good morning.

Still sleepyyyy

Say a little prayer

Last night when we were eating dinner, Isaac suddenly said

"Thank you for the food today"

So cute!!! 😍😍😍 must have picked it up at school. I'm really happy with this school. Teachers are sooooo nice. Even at every class, the overall feel is of "second home"

Then the daddy (who is abit slow on the uptake) said to Isaac,

"Your welcome"

Wtf daddy!!! He was saying a prayer before his meal!!

Tell me, isn't the dad abit …. Duh. Hahaha.

The maid also laugh.

I think breakfast not enough ah.

Snacking on lotus seed now.

Yesterday's ribs and simple salad


Ya its a lot, but I told the maid to give me the whole slab. Because I'm greedy and I know my colleagues would want some.

This was how much I ate.

Colleague ate 3-4 pieces haha.

Pig die me.

No #stalkermomseries update

Because the cctv was down the whole day.

I came back and there he was, his cheery self.

Ooh the teacher told the maid that he said "I don't like fried rice".

He didn't finish his meal at school!! So young can say don't like ah.

So funny can tell the teacher and the teacher told my maid.

At least he didn't cry buckets today.

Dinner today.

Home made chicken strips. Made with chicken breast, coated with Cajun + pepper+salt+ garlic + onions and almond flour.

Dipped in coconut milk with Tabasco sauce. Then re-rolled with the dry ingredients above.

Baked till done.

Eaten with salad and home made no-honey mustard sauce.

GM of my company leaving.

Just got news today that the GM of my company is leaving.

In my 10 months year, I've had like 2 different direct bosses and 2 head of department leaving.

Looks like a bad company from the outside with all the moving senior leadership team, but on the contrary, it's doing great!!

Very dynamic ah this company!!

Maybe our 360 survey really does work and prick it where it hurts the most.

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