Toddler down.

Good morning!!!

Fruit monster stole daddies fruit today. And it was super sour plum!!

Hahha see the face!!

Too cute!!!

Beginning of sourness. Lols

Whilst mummy had the last of the skillet hash with eggs!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Looks like we will be flying back for CNY

Serhon stayed up past midnight for an hour plus trying to buy bus tickets for our journey Back.

The website kept crashing (must be all the same like minded Malaysians logging on to the website at the same time).

So after 1.5hrs he gave up n went to bed.

This morning out of desperation, he began searching for plane tickets.

Silkair was reasonable priced vs budget air lines, so he bought it.

Mama @maryannsee I'm coming home on 14 February afternoon instead!!

Oh dear, got to change

My dental appointment!

Playing with penguins.

Isaac school has informed us that as of last week there are 3 cases of HFMD and 1 suspect case of chicken pox.


The principal ask us to keep a watch out for sign and symptoms for it!!!

Cross fingers all kids will be ok

Looks so tall here.

Took him out for a walk. Climb the outer stairs of novena medical center. At least there were not many ppl to pass his flu/fever too.

He looked worse for the wear when I came back for work. Checked his temperature, it was 38.7-39.

Ok, no school for you tomorrow!! We shall skip it.

Dinner tonight.

Home made beef satay skewers with no-peanut sauce.

Attempt to #portioncontrol

Looks like Gonna be a rough night

We got a toddler who is not feeling well.

Wish me luck!!!

Gonna boob him the whole night.

The clingyness has started.

It's 7.40 pm now.

I've not had a shower yet.

@cleochong kong out liow.

With nose drippings and blocked passage way.

Very warm too.

He didn't even latch to sleep.

Wet towel works wonders

Fever is now down to 37.5 degrees at 9pm

Yup, he is still on my chest.

Just informed the principal of the school that Isaac will not be coming in tomorrow.

Resting up, hopefully will boost his immune system.

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