Pizza frittata for breakfast.

Your eyes, gaze, eyes eyes eyes.

Serhon take note, I think you've a competitor. Hehe.


Isaac didn't go to school today just to let him recuperate. He had a normal temperature reading this morning but we thought just let him rest. Plus his school has so much HFMD & chicken pox going around.

Just a case of bad luck.

Resistance session with colleague

A colleague of mine came over after work and we did a #bbg work out session. Dam killer. She's a slave driver!!

After our 4sets of movements 7 mins each, she ask me to do 40 more ab bikes and 10 sit up crunch n leg raise.

By the end of it I almost puked. OMG!!!

And tomorrow I've a PT session Sumore. I think maybe have to work out harder. Been too easy on myself. Heheh

Dinner today!

Grilled spiced pork chop and cook out coleslaw with NO mayo!!! U heard that right. Not bad ah, just seasoned with apple cider vinegar. Hehe.

#portioncontrolwin today!!


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