Sunday, Nuaday

Spot something that doesn't look right in this picture.

Had a hard time getting him to shower.

For breakfast, he ate oats in the adult dining chair, so he climbed up and down as he please.

I'm so tired by 10am.

Pretty soon it was lunch time already.

So I made him dairy free, egg free, gluten free spaghetti. Aglio olio style. With pork and corn.

Whilst I was cooking it, he requested to watch, so had to let him sit in his high chair next to me.

And he was salivating when I cooked.

Manage to finish it all the spaghetti minus all the pork bits.

Luckily the dad came back after rounds at 12.15ish and I forced the meat down the dads throat.

And for lunch, the adults had leftover home made beef satay.


Burp… Now just chilling.

Trying to get isaac to sleep by latching but he is too busy playing.

Still has mega snot flowing out. Thank god it looks clear.

Coughing intermittently too.

Finally asleep.

When he wakes up, mummy and daddy will be taking him out, to coffee place. Cos I WANT GOOD KOPI!!

Still hungry at 2pm. Having some leftover carrot ginger soup

Bad mom

Just now he ask for strawberries, his fav fruit in the whole world (currently). So what did the awesomest mom do??

She mad a slit within the strawberry and stuffed half a chewable Panadol in 2 of the fruit.
Omg should have seen his face.

Chew chew chew… Stop chewing …. Face contorted to a hideous contortion. Shudder in disgust and spat the berry out.

I think I ruined strawberries for him.

Back at his favorite chicken rice shop again.

Both mom & dad are just waiting for him to eat.

Hands on father doing his hands on thing.
Mummy busy dayreing. Haha

Wahh!! Cough until vomit

@cleochong can join Colette in the cough until vomit club.

Oh man… Already so skinny now if keep coughing until vomit, he'll whittle down to skin and bones in no time.

Checked his temperature, lucky no fever. Just very bad cough and congested nose.

@delight get well soon too Nate!!!

Isaac kor kor has really a lot of resting up to do.

Hope the bug will pass soooonnnnn!!!

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