Turkey jerky recipe

Pizza for breakfast anyone??

Isaac woke me up with his cough around 3.30am. But luckily there was no more puking.

This morning at 6.30am, checked his temperature and there was no fever, so got him ready for school.

You would think that with 4 days of rest he will be raring to go to school!

Nah. Ate his breakfast reluctantly. Cried whilst getting dressed. Made some funny sound and when I ask him was that a goat sound. He said "nooo, it's sheep"

So cheeky ah this boy.

Bundled him up and off to school he went.


More ribs and simple salad.

Stalked him.

Eating lunch at 1.30pm. I guess must have fell asleep on the pram ride home and just woken up to eat.

Cinnamon braised pork for dinner.

#portioncontrol win


Chili-garlic Jerky

📌1/2 cup hot sauce
📌juice of 1 lime
📌1 tsp granulated garlic
📌1/2 tsp sea salt

📌1kg turkey breast (frozen 1-2hrs for easy slicing)

📝 In medium bowl, whisk together marinade ingredients. Taste and if you want the taste stronger, you can adjust seasoning.
📝Remove turkey breast from freezer and cut against grain very thinly, about 1/8 inch with sharp knife.
📝Marinade sliced meat and refrigerate overnight.
📝Preheat oven to 90•C.

📝Place meat over baking racks on top of foil lined baking sheets.
📝Remove meat from refrigerator and place on racks 1/2 inch apart. Bake for 3-4 hours or until jerky reached desired level of dryness. It will harden a bit more once it cools.
📝Alternately, if you have dehydrator, you can dehydrate on low for 3-4 hours.
📝Store refrigerated in air tight container up to 2 weeks.

Mine is finishing already cannot last 1 week also!

@zeenoda my turkey jerky recipe 👆👆👆

Find the cleanest ingredient hot sauce as possible. No sugar ones. I'm a bit slack so I just use normal Tabasco sauce.

Went crazy at La Senza

Bought 3 bras and 3 bottoms.

Don't know how much I spent exactly yet as one of my colleague paid first.

It's her birthday month, so it's 50% off and another 10% off because she used OCBC bank card.

Heng ah!!

And I can put my nasi lemak packet nursing bras to storage already.

Now can concentrate and be sexy & hot mom (SAHM). How I wish I can be the actual SAHM misnomer.

Ahhh, I'll take what I can get.

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