Good morning, breakfast today.

I feel like I haven't slept much 😴😴😴😴😴

Worse day for isaac ever!!!

Cried and scream from taking his shower all the way to my traffic light intersection where we part.

Refused to sit on the pram and literally legs flailing and screamed his head off.

Afraid he was gonna fall off the pram so I carried him first.

When I bid him good bye, he actually calmed down and said bye to me and blew me a kiss. And said see you later, gator.

But when maid tried to put him in the pram he screamed again. I didn't see him, but could hear him!

Definitely he woke up on the wrong side of the bed!!

If you saw a screaming boy carried by the maid past United square, pls don't mind him. Not too sure what's going on too!!

Maybe tomorrow try waking him up at 6.50 am instead.


Satay skewers and simple salad.


Saw him having lunch around 1.40pm. Sitting in the adult chair, being a nuisance.

See la, see la. Still in his uniform.

Rebellious caveman!

Wah saw this on my way home.

No need go orchard already!!! No need to leave novena area.

I like this.

Dinner today

Close up of chorizo burger with spiced caramelized onions on top of butterhead lettuce & butternut squash "buns"

Side of avocado.

I haz exercise today!!!

I feel a little bit stronger today compared to 4 months ago.

I feel the PT has really helped me spot my posture tremendously. Very useful sessions.

But. No budget to continue la.

Even if I do, maybe in March I'll take up his offer.

What say you guys??? Continue PT or not?

Yeah. Isaac slept at 8.30pm.

Here's hoping he has enough sleep and tomorrow will not be me grumpy.

Told the helper will wake him abit later tomorrow about 6.50am.
Eat breakfast. Told her to make half his usual portion.
Then just wipe him down no need to shower wash hair all. Maybe around 7.15am. Should be ready and out the house by 7.30am.

Tomorrow's breakfast is ready.

Meal prep so won't be rushed in the morning.

Butternut squash pancake.

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