Butternutsquash pancake for breakfast.

Very filing! Because it's just butternutsquash, eggs, almond flour and some spice.

Still prefer meat based breakfast though.

As usual the baby didn't wan to go school.

First thing he said when he opened his eyes was "I don't want to go school"

The father woke him up today at 6.50am, yet was still grumpy and grouchy. Just like the mom 😝😝😝


2 pieces Cinnamon grilled pork chop and simple spinach salad.

Oh look at the little boss today.

Lazing around like a little King.


Dinner today.

Sesame lemon chicken thighs with steamed broccoli.



My cny loot from asos arrived today!! So happy!!

First internet shoes!!

@chatoyant I think you'll be proud of me!

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