Good morning.

More butternutsquash pancakes.

Happy to report the baby was not in hysteric when we left for school/work.

Sat in his pram obediently. Said bye to neighbours car and said hello to the probosis monkey picture on a passing bus.

Think he is in an okay mood. Just not too smiley.

Celebrated one of our colleagues birthday again.

I totally carbo loaded. Had Kenny Rogers pot pie lunch set which came with 2 sides. Chose macaroni n cheese and garlic potatoes. First time cannot finish meal. Bcos it's sooo jelak.

I'm very full but not satisfied. I need my meat!!!

Hugging the maid like koala bear.

I think there was a passing jet and he got scared. Usually I don't see him that loving one la.


Collected flowers for the birthday girl today.

And saw this bouquet of flowers which is what I like. But it's 85 bucks!!! And only last 1 week?

Wah I don't think I'll be spending so much on fleeting beauties anytime soon. But I wouldn't mind receiving them once a while.

Hint hint to the husband!

Hi!! Selfie with mummy.

We will be doing LISS together.

And end it at the park!

Strapped him to the carrier with him sitting on the back.

Wohoo. We did 30mins at 6km/h (almost la with traffic and all)

Mum got to work out and isaac bonded with mummy.

He did a running commentary to EVERYTHING he saw.

Luckily I carried his water bottle around. I think he might be thirsty from talking for 30mins.

Weheeee. Arrived at the park.

Gallopy gallopy on the horse we go!

Dinner tonight. I finished the whole thing.

Italian sausage and peppers.

Just saw this!!

Isaacs master piece from school.

They made Chinese New Year decor lantern.

So nice ah 😍😍😍😍

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