Sobs. I've breakfast envy. Husbands chicken.

And my sad butternutsquash pancake. Bohooo. I think it's the last of it.

Came to office, felt like crap.

Went to see dr. Dr waiting line is 45mins. Went to get coffee. Omg saw nasi lemak packet. Omg saw 3 chicken wings for 4.30. Buy all!!! 😋😋😋😋

Came back office, gave colleague half nasi lemak and a chicken wing. Gave another colleague another chicken wing.

Left 1 for me and half a nasi lemak packet.

I feel satisfied. Dunno from eating the nasi lemak or spreading the fattiness around.

My throat is killing me.

This morning I showed the husband my yellow green snot and mucous which I coughed out, he said "pls la don't need so drama"

Ok Lo. Wash up and go work lo.

On the bus I could barely open my eyes. Beh TAHAN already went downstairs to see our panel dr.

(Hence the nasi lemak packet) @kianga you would be proud. Your nasi lemak inception still fresh on my mind!

I can't hear! My ears feels clogged!

Nait nait. I go sleep first. Beh tahan.

Woke up at 4pm

Having my lunch now. #leftoverlunch

Burger with butternutsquash roasted as buns.

Went to a colleagues son wedding.

The theme was peacock!!

Super colorful. Drugged my self up and drag myself there. Glad I went. It was nice. Sat with other colleagues n chatted for a while.

Went back quite early as isaac gone crazy.

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