Retching morning wake up call!!

Isaac woke us up with his retching this morning at 6am.

Having some electrolyte solution. It's frozen and I bluff him say it's ice cream.

He took 1 and the half packet of the solution. Hope he feels better after this.

I'm suspecting he is having side effect from my medication.

Went through my Breast milk.

Either that, or he is really sick too.

The vomitus is mainly quite phlegm like and thick.

But he keeps complaining of stomach ache. I think it's more nausea than stomach ache.

Yeay my Lara bar ordered from iherb is here.

Came with my coconut oil and coconut Aminos.

We are having Indian for dinner tonight.

Tandoori chicken with cauliflower briyani rice

Drinking essence of chicken

Surprisingly the warm liquid feels so good on my throat.

Hehe warming up the 2nd bottle now.

Wooo just swallowed 1 big tablespoon of raw Manuka honey.

Hope this soothing feeling last.

After the essence of chicken and this honey, I can actually yawn b stretch my tongue out without feeling painful.


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